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The Office of Faculty

The Emory College Office of Faculty is the primary resource for faculty and works to advance the academic mission of Emory University by supporting faculty recruitment, retention, research, and teaching.

Under the leadership of Senior Associate Dean of Faculty Deboleena Roy, the office oversees the hiring and retention of faculty, annual faculty activity and merit reviews, tenure and promotion review for tenure-track faculty, reappointment and promotion review for lecture-track faculty, and the review of faculty sabbatical and leave requests.

The Office of Faculty works closely with the Office of Research Funding Support to help facilitate faculty grants and awards, including the Program to Enhance Research and Scholarship (PERS).

The Office also leads the periodic review of academic departments and programs in the College of Arts and Sciences and supports the collection of institutional data for the College.

Duties of the office also include oversight of the Robert E. Hightower Fund, the appointment of named chairs, and other faculty awards (Winship Award for Lecture Track Faculty, Cuttino Award, Emory Williams Award, and nominations for external research awards and fellowships).

Deboleena Roy Headshot
Deboleena Roy
Senior Associate Dean of Faculty

Deboleena Roy oversees hiring, tenure and promotion of faculty, and faculty development initiatives for Emory College of Arts and Sciences.

Laura Papotto Headshot
Laura Papotto
Sr. Senior Director of HR and Faculty Operations
Susan Lee Headshot
Susan Lee
Manager of Faculty Appointments
Lori Cavagnaro Headshot
Lori Cavagnaro
Associate Dean of Academic Planning and Strategic Initiatives
Lane DeNicola Headshot
Lane DeNicola
Director of Institutional Research
Cheri Kersey Headshot
Cheri Kersey
Assistant Director of Program Review