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Hightower Speaker Funds

A successful Hightower Speaker Funds requests is defined as follows:

  • Hightower Speaker Funds are limited to honoraria.
  • Other funding sources, including departmental or program support, committed to the program or event must be outlined in the request.
  • The program or event promotes interdisciplinary, college-wide discussion and dialogue on important topics in a variety of fields.
  • Requestors should describe in a brief paragraph of student (undergraduate and graduate) engagement.

When requesting funds, please adhere to the procedures below.

Hightower Funds Procedures

Applications should be submitted electronically to:

The following items are required information:

  • Department or Program name
  • Name(s) of speaker(s)
  • Name of event
  • Type of event
  • Dates of the event
  • Other sources of support and dollar amount of that support
  • Dollar amount allocated from departmental honoraria pool
  • Abbreviated curriculum vitae of speaker(s)
  • Description of interdisciplinary nature of the program or event
  • Requestor's name
  • Statement of support from chair or director as a departmental or programmatic priority for Hightower funding.
  • Indication of ways in which students (both graduate and undergraduates will be involved in the event.
  • Budget; See Hightower Funds Sample Budget.

Requests are accepted on a biannual basis. Deadlines for requests are as follows:

  • Requests for spring and summer events are due on Monday, November 15, 2021.
  • Requests for fall events are due on Friday, April 1, 2022.
All event flyers must indicate that the Hightower Fund sponsored or co-sponsored the lecture. These flyers must be submitted to Shondra Bryan-Powell at with the request for reimbursement. This information will be included in the College Office's report to the Hightower family.

Shondra Bryan-Powell will handle the transfer of funds once the event has occurred according to the following procedures:

  • You must charge expenses to your department/program's E&G budget.
  • Flyer(s) from the event, indicating that the Hightower Fund sponsored or co-sponsored the lecture, must be attached to each reimbursement request. The Hightower family also asks that departments/programs receiving Hightower funds provide the following information:

    • Name of the speaker(s)
    • Title of the lecture(s)
    • Lecturer's home institution
    • Copy of the Revenue and Expense Detail Report showing the department, speed type, and account the honoraria expenses were charged against.
  • Once all relevant information has been received from the department or program requesting reimbursement, the expenses will be transferred off the department or program account and onto the Hightower account.