Program review provides College departments and programs with an opportunity for self-evaluation; for assessment of their programs; and for articulation of their objectives, goals, and plans. Based upon a thorough consideration of the current state of the department, the process seeks to improve department and program quality by creating a solid plan for the future. The in-depth knowledge resulting from program review informs long-term administrative planning and decision-making. For those departments with graduate programs, Emory College and the Laney School of Graduate Studies collaborate closely throughout the process and encourage a substantial dialogue among departments/programs and the College and Laney Graduate School administrations.

Emory College’s departments and programs are scheduled for program review on an approximately seven-year cycle. Overseen by a small committee of College and Laney Graduate School deans and administrators, this process comprises three major components, each of which spans at least one semester.

  1. Self study: A report that discusses the current state of the department and the critical opportunities and challenges the unit will face for the next seven-to-ten years. The self study should be the result of informed collective discussion among the faculty, with a small leadership team assuming responsibility for this project.
  2. External review: A small team of external experts from peer institutions will conduct a two-and-a-half day site visit to review the department in the semester following the self study. The reviewers submit their report to the administration, and it is shared with the department faculty.
  3. Follow-up and continuation: The department, College, and Laney Graduate School leadership will work together to define the next steps for each unit based on the review. Follow-up conversations will occur at specific times, as discussed in the program review guidelines.
For a detailed description of the process, please refer to the complete program review guidelines.

Program Review falls under the responsibility of Dean Carla Freeman. Lori Cavagnaro is the Director of Program Review.

Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives