Office Hours

When courses are taught remotely, it is important to provide clear connection points and instructor availability for student engagement and advising. Several options for virtual office hours and connection with students are outlined below.


Faculty may schedule a recurring meeting via Zoom or may use their personal meeting room to hold virtual office hours. By enabling the waiting room feature within Zoom, faculty may create a virtual queue and meet with each student individually. Zoom allows faculty and students to review texts, papers, etc. together using the screen share function.

To avoid students having to wait in a queue, faculty may use the appointment scheduler within Canvas.


Instructors may also plan to hold individual student consultations over the phone. Again, the appointment scheduler feature in Canvas will be useful to manage student requests for appointments.

For instructors who prefer to not give our personal phone numbers, they may use free phone options like Google Voice to create a phone number that they can use and give to students. 

Email and Canvas Inbox

If synchronous means of connection are challenging, instructors will need to encourage use of email and messaging. Faculty should clearly lay out expectations about the response times that students may expect. In addition, faculty may find it useful to create a place within their Canvas site to address commonly asked questions and/or to share the answers to any particularly salient questions with the entire class.

Canvas Discussions

For group review sessions, faculty may use a Zoom meeting or the Discussions feature within Canvas.