Training & Consultations

Summer training will consist of a condensed version of our online pedagogy and course development training course, Emory College Online Teaching Strategies (ECOTS), to all faculty scheduled to teach in fall 2020, including graduate students and temporary faculty. This training usually entails an eight-week training course and two-semesters of course development work and supplemental workshops.

This condensed three-week course, from June 8 to June 28, will cover the essentials of online course design, digital pedagogy, and the Emory College Online model. ECOTS will provide a structured space for faculty to pace course development work, allowing faculty to make significant progress on their syllabus redesign during June and leaving the remainder of the summer for content development.

Faculty will enroll in ECOTS as a disciplinary and department cohort, allowing course discussions to focus on discipline-specific pedagogical issues and facilitating collaboration throughout the course design process. Trained facilitators, either advanced graduate students or ECAS staff, will lead each cohort through the ECOTS material.

Course Requirements and Time Commitment

Faculty should plan to commit about 10 hours per week to participate in the course. Most of the content will be delivered asynchronously through Canvas modules. There will be one required synchronous meeting per week, and there will also be optional weekly Zoom office hours to discuss any technical questions faculty may have about Emory's online tools. The ECOTS modules will cover:

  • Creating and Building an Online Learning Community
  • Engaging Learners in the Online Environment
  • Establishing Teaching Presence to Support Learners

Each module will explore the best practices in course design and online pedagogy as well as the practical tools and technologies that may be utilized to accomplish these goals. ECOTS will also draw upon and highlight resources from the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence, the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship, and Teaching and Learning Technologies.

An optional fourth week of ECOTS will draw together faculty across disciplines to focus on learning approaches in certain types of courses (large lecture courses, lab courses, first-year seminars, WR courses, performance and studio-based courses, foreign languages, etc.).