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At Emory College of Arts and Sciences we are dedicated to the discovery of knowledge, the creation of new works, and paradigm-shifting research with broad impact.

Our students learn how to think critically, weigh conflicting evidence, and ask questions that challenge existing orthodoxy. We expect them to communicate with clarity and collaborate within diverse communities.

Our students take these skills into every field as the thought leaders and innovators our complex and interconnected society needs.

Through our dedication to the creation and dissemination of knowledge, we are setting the standard for what a liberal arts research university can achieve.

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At the heart of Emory's liberal arts mission, we cultivate exploration, academic rigor, and self-reflection to help each student craft a unique four-year college experience.

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Our students explore widely and dive deeply into our research enterprise with outstanding faculty who constantly push the boundaries of knowledge across the sciences and humanities.

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Academic excellence can – and must – be achieved by deliberately diversifying our faculty and student body, and building an equitable, and inclusive culture where all can thrive.

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Tayari Jones on her literary lineage and choosing Atlanta

Tayari Jones—author, professor, and griot of the American South—has a lot on her plate. She teaches a creative writing class at Emory University, she has book blurbs due and forewords to file, and she has words in a just-released craft book, How We Do It, where her Emory colleague Jericho Brown gathered Black writers to explain “how they go about making what they make.” “I know I have a novel,” Jones writes, “when I have a question to which I don’t know the moral/ethical answer.” She is also putting the finishing touches on her fifth and forthcoming novel,  Old Fourth Ward, which is set squarely in Black Atlanta’s centers of gravity: the historic neighborhood adjacent to downtown Atlanta (and the book’s namesake) and Cascade Heights (her old stomping grounds).

Read Interview in Atlanta Magazine   

Tayari Jones