Our Academic Community

students in greenhouseEmory College of Arts and Sciences, founded in 1836, is Emory University’s primary undergraduate division with more than 5,600 students. Our intensive liberal arts curriculum is backed by all the resources of one of the world's top research universities.

As the academic core of Emory University, we are driven by our passions for inquiry and discovery. Leading the way is our renowned 550-member faculty who bring their path-breaking research and commitment to excellent teaching to the classroom everyday.

With more than 50 departments and programs, 86 majors, and 63 minors, our students explore widely and dive deeply in rigorous courses of study that emphasize critical thinking, the nature of evidence from multiple perspectives and the ability to effectively reason and communicate. Our students are encouraged – and expected – to ask bold questions and expand the boundaries of knowledge.

Explore Our Disciplines

In the humanities, you will study and explore how humans have experienced and documented their world — across time, space, language and culture.

Humanities Departments

Humanities Majors & Minors

In the natural sciences you will investigate the universe, including the human body, in an attempt to explain how things work based on repeatable experimentation.

In the social sciences, you will delve into the scientific study of human society and social relationships across a broad spectrum of disciplines.

Arts at Emory offers students at all skill levels opportunities (including multiple majors and minors) to create new works and deepen understanding of existing art forms.

Arts Majors & Minors

Academic Resources: Current Students and Faculty

Students: Emory College’s Office for Undergraduate Education offers several programs and resources for students to ensure their academic success. Emory’s Division of Campus Life also offers multiple support services for students.

Faculty: The Office of Faculty website can provide information to faculty seeking information on policies and guidelines, program review, chair and director guidelines and other resources. OUE also offers resources to faculty for student support.