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The Emory College Office of Faculty is the primary resource for faculty, and works to advance the academic mission of Emory University by supporting faculty recruitment, retention, research and teaching.

Under the leadership of Senior Associate Dean of Faculty Deboleena Roy, the office also oversees tenure and promotion review and reappointment of College faculty, faculty leave requests, and the full range of professional activity encompassed in the life-course of the faculty.

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Emory College: Our Faculty Community

Faculty from across Emory College of Arts and Sciences describe what it’s like to work, teach, and create new knowledge as part of a vibrant academic community within one of the world’s leading research universities.

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Faculty Spotlight

Physics of snakeskin sheds light on sidewinding
Discovery may aid robot locomotion

“The specialized locomotion of sidewinders evolved independently in different species in different parts of the world, suggesting that sidewinding is a good solution to a problem,” says Jennifer Rieser, assistant professor of physics at Emory University. “Understanding how and why this example of convergent evolution works may allow us to adapt it for our own needs, such as building robots that can move in challenging environments.”

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