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Graduate Fellowships

Graduate Fellows are a vital component of Undergraduate Research Programs (URP). Fellows are selected from diverse graduate programs in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences and work to support undergraduate students in the Scholarly-Inquiry and Research Experience (SIRE) Program and SURE.

This fellowship is an excellent opportunity to work with graduate students from other fields in a collegial fashion — much like you might work with faculty in the future — and to mentor a diverse class of undergraduate researchers.

Graduate Fellows will:

  • Provide undergraduate researchers with educational programming, one-on-one mentoring, and workshops.

  • Introduce students to the norms and process of research, scholarly inquiry, and creative performance.

  • Guide students in identifying faculty mentors to work with as research assistants.

  • Instruct students on research skills, research ethics, and other training that will enhance the student's scholarship and ability to assist their faculty mentor.

  • Provide a support system to help students address problems and concerns in their research experience.

Fellowship Term and Funding

The fellowship term is 12 months, running from August 1 to July 31 each year. Special arrangements can be considered for a 10-month fellowship that ends in May. Fellows work 10-15 hours per week during the academic year with the Research Partners Program and 15-25 hours during the summer with the SURE program.


Humanities and Social Sciences
  • $20,000 stipend for 12-month fellowship
  • Up to 3 graduate student fellowships awarded
Natural Sciences
  • $8,000 stipend for 12-month fellowship (on top of the student’s regular stipend)
  • Up to 5 graduate student fellowships awarded


  • Full time student in doctoral program

  • Doctoral candidacy by the date of application

  • 7th year or earlier of graduate study

  • Have not previously held an Emory completion fellowship

  • Have support of their dissertation chair

  • Full time students in the doctoral program

  • Doctoral candidacy during the fellowship year

  • Have no other employment

  • Have support of dissertation chair


How much time should I devote to course prep/weekly work?

Fellows work 10-15 hours per week during the academic year with the Research Partners Program and 15-25 hours during the summer with the SURE program. 

Do Grad Fellows interact with research mentors?

Participants in the Research Partners Program begin the year with a status of either "pre-matched" or "unmatched." The unmatched students do not have a commitment with a faculty mentor yet. Grad Fellows will assist students with identifying potential mentors that match the students' interests, but the student is responsible for arranging meetings and developing a commitment with the mentor.

Grad Fellows are responsible for checking in with their students' mentors occasionally throughout the year to ensure that the mentor is clear about program expectations and is aware of certain events and due dates. This communication will also allow the Fellows to quickly identify and address any issues that arise.

What are weekly graduate fellowship workshops like?

Graduate Fellows meet weekly with the URP director to develop syllabi for their weekly RPP classes, give and receive feedback on course development, and share instruction resources. The Fellows also participate in professional development sessions that benefit their own academic progress, including: mentorship, ethics, and presentation of research.

What do Research Partner workshops look like?

Graduate Fellows lead a weekly workshop on Tuesday afternoons for a class of beginning researchers from various disciplines. They are assisted by undergraduate students who have previously completed RPP, called Peer Mentors.

Fellows are responsible for developing the curriculum and assignments for their class with support from the URP directors and other Fellows, thus each class is shaped by the teaching style and passions of each Grad Fellow. In addition, Fellows are expected to provide one-on-one mentoring with their students each semester.

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