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About Us

Prior to contacting the Undergraduate Research Programs please review our wealth of online resources to deepen your understanding of existing opportunities for undergraduate research at Emory.

  • Consider why you want to be involved in undergraduate research at Emory. Generating a list can be helpful.

  • Browse Emory faculty in departments you are interested in performing research. Often, finding a mentor can be the hardest part of beginning in undergraduate research.

  • Develop a list of your current skills, interests, and goals (both long-term and short-term) to help build an action plan.

  • Browse our website to determine which programs or grants are most appropriate for you and your needs at this point in your research journey.

Meet the Staff

Timothy Raines, PhD
Associate Director, Undergraduate Research
Rakiyah Johnson, MPH
Program Coordinator
Brenda Nix
Administrative Assistant
Kayla Harris
Graduate Assistant
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