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Performance Management

The performance evaluation process presents an opportunity to clarify expectations of employees and communicate any concerns as well as praise.

Chairs and Academic Department Administrators or Lead Staff are responsible for the performance management and evaluation process in the department. Chairs are responsible for evaluating staff they directly supervise and for overseeing the evaluation of all department staff by the lead staff member.

Instructions for completing performance evaluations are sent to Chairs and department/program lead staff during April of every year from the College.

Staff evaluations are typically due by June 1 every year.

Additional information regarding the performance management process including information on performance competencies, performance ratings, forms, tips and training, can be found at the Emory University HR, Performance Management page.

Emory University - Performance Management

Policy 4.21 Performance Management


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An access prompt is sent to employees automatically each year when College HR electronically launches  the performance management process. Usually around April 10th. You will be notified via email when the self-evaluation form becomes available.

You don’t have to wait until just before the due date to record your accomplishments. Simply record noteworthy events as they happen.

Why is it important to take notes and document continuously?

  • Taking notes throughout the year makes the process easier
  • Takes less time to complete your review
  • Providing detailed documentation closer to an event is more accurate

Use the templates below to record your notes under the Emory Competencies:

Evaluation Form for Supervisors

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Chairs and supervisors are required to complete the online performance evaluation form for the employees they supervise. The form is intended to facilitate in-depth evaluation through the inclusion of performance ratings while assessing individual core competencies.

Supervisors will need to rely on the employee's job description, the previous year's Goals and the information the employee provides in the Emory College Staff Self-Evaluation form to complete the Performance Evaluation Form.

At the time of the evaluation, College HR recommends that you take the time to review the specifics of individual job descriptions to ensure that both employee and employer are clear on the scope of job duty expectations for the coming year.

Setting Goals for the Year

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The College believes that performance evaluation is not a one-time activity; rather, throughout the year, employees and supervisors can play an active role in performance management. Performance management can be initiated at the end of the previous academic year by setting goals for the upcoming year.

Employee goals may be based on Supervisor's Goals for the coming year. Supervisor and employee goals should be developed from the department's plan for the upcoming year.

It is possible that individual goals may shift and change over the course of the year as department priorities shift and change. A mid-academic year review of the goals is highly recommended.

Training Courses & Guides

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Emory offers multiple resources to help you with the Performance Management process, including user guides and video tutorials for navigating the Bullseye Engagement system.

New Training for FY24 Performance Reviews

Manager Sessions

Non-Manager Sessions

ECAS Only Sessions

The following sessions are open only to employees of Emory College of Arts and Sciences (ECAS):

ECAS Manager Session

ECAS Non-Manager Session