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Engaged Citizenship

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There are several opportunities for staff to become involved in and contribute to the University and the College.

The Engaged Citizenship initiative enables College staff to be of service to the Atlanta community. College employees can devote up to 8 hours per year of college-funded effort to improving the lives of community members in chronic or episodic need.

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College Staff Committees

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Staff can volunteer to serve on staff committees constituted from time-to-time by College HR to discuss and decide on staff-related policies, strategic initiatives, training programs, and other professional and personal development opportunities.

Please contact your HR Associate to express your interest in serving when the opportunity arises.

In the past, the College convened a number of staff committees including:

  • Department Core Responsibilities Committee
  • Lead Staff Mentoring Committee
  • Professional Development Committee
  • Rewards and Recognition Committee
  • Supervisors’ Discussion Group
  • Wellness Committee
The discussions of these Committees have been extremely fruitful and contributed to decisions on key staff-related policies and initiatives such as implementation of the Emory College Annual Service Awards.
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College Staff Consortium

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The College Staff Consortium (CSC) was created to provide three primary functions: to pursue concerns of interest to College staff and make recommendations to the Dean of Emory College, to sponsor programs of interest to College staff, and to provide a sense of camaraderie among College staff.
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University-Wide Organizations

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Staff are also encouraged to become involved in university-wide organizations including such as Staff Council. Please note that membership to these organizations is solicited from the Dean of the College by the organization’s representative when a vacancy becomes available. College HR plans to maintain on file a list of staff interested in being nominated. To become involved in any of these university-wide organizations, please contact College HR and indicate your interest.
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