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Peer Mentors

Meet the Peer Mentors

Emory URP's Peer Mentors are a dedicated group of undergraduate students who are passionate about supporting the research journey of current SIRE students. They come from diverse academic backgrounds such as the arts, humanities, social sciences, and STEM. Peer Mentors provide guidance, share their experiences, and help students navigate undergraduate research at Emory University.

Our Peer Mentors support first-time student-researchers by:

  • Collaborating closely with a section of SIRE Undergraduate Scholars and acting as Teaching Assistants (TAs) for SIRE Graduate Fellows by offering support in teaching and mentoring. 

  • Providing feedback to SIRE undergraduate scholars, and leading small group discussions. 

  • Attending weekly SIRE class sessions.

  • Participating in Undergraduate Research Programs (URP) committee meetings and supporing office events.


Experience as a SIRE program alumnus. 

Applications are open to students who have completed the SIRE Program in good standing.

Interest in being a teaching assistant (TA).

Students in the Peer Mentor program directly support a SIRE Graudate Fellow and should be willing to engage in one-on-one meetings, lead small groups, and assist with assignments. 

Enthusiasm to assist first-time undergraduate researchers. 

Peer Mentors have the opportunity to offer valuable insights to students who are beginning their research journeys in a small group setting. Individuals in this role should be enthusiastic about sharing tools garnered in their research journeys.


Each Peer Mentor receives 1 course credit for a minimum of 3 hours of weekly, program-related activities for their position.

After this, students participating in the program have two compensation options based upon weekly research hours conducted with their faculty mentor:

  • Pay as an eligible federal work-study student
  • Additional course credit.

If you opt for pay, you'll receive compensation every two weeks through the University, utilizing a combination of federal work-study and URP program funds. If your federal work-study funds run out, you can switch to earning course credit instead. 

For those unsure about work-study eligibility, reach out to Emory's financial aid office.

If you prefer earning course credits, additional research credits may be awarded based on your research hours. Just ensure your faculty mentor supports and documents your research hours worked. 

Your selection will be confirmed upon acceptance into the program.

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