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Research Ambassadors

Emory’s Research Ambassadors (RA’s) are a dedicated group of upper-level undergraduate students with extensive experience in research. Ambassadors come from a wide range of academic disciplines, such as the arts, humanities, social sciences, and STEM. 

Research ambassadors serve as valuable resources, helping students connect with exciting research opportunities and fostering a vibrant research community at Emory.

Our Research Ambassadors help promote research in the community by:

  • Holding one-on-one advising appointments with students to provide peer mentorship.
  • Organizing and facilitating workshops, informational sessions, panel discussions, and classroom visits to promote research participation.
  • Assisting the URP office in planning signature events surrounding research.
  • Serving on subcommittees that creatively engage the research community.


  1. Research Experience
    Applications are open to students from all disciplines. Qualified applicants must have conducted two semesters OR one full summer to apply.
  2. Interest to promote undergraduate research at Emory.
    Research ambassadors directly mentor students who are eager to start their research journeys and offer guidance on various topics. Individuals in this role should be enthusiastic about helping others, creative, and open-minded.
  3. Enthusiasm to collaborate.
    Most work as a Research Ambassador is done as part of a team. Applicants should value teamwork to achieve common goals.


Each Research Ambassador receives 1 course credit for a minimum of 3 hours of weekly, program-related activities for their position.

After this, students participating in the program have two compensation options based upon weekly research hours conducted with their faculty mentor:

  • Pay as an eligible federal work-study student
  • Additional course credit.

If you opt for pay, you'll receive compensation every two weeks through the University, utilizing a combination of federal work-study and URP program funds. If your federal work-study funds run out, you can switch to earning course credit instead. 

For those unsure about work-study eligibility, reach out to Emory's financial aid office.

If you prefer earning course credits, additional research credits may be awarded based on your research hours. Just ensure your faculty mentor supports and documents your research hours worked. 

Your selection will be confirmed upon acceptance into the program.

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