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 Jumpstart your research journey

ForagerOne simplifies making connections and sharing research opportunities between faculty and undergraduate students. Through ForagerOne, users can:

  • Explore faculty from across Emory’s network of researchers in one place
  • Discover and apply for available research opportunities
  • Find students and faculty who share common research interests
  • Connect with future research collaborators
ForagerOne connects passionate researchers with those who share their interests.

How To Get Started

Getting Started for Faculty and Staff
  • Claim your profile.
    ForagerOne automatically creates faculty profiles from their university profiles.
    Claim Now 

  • Connect with students.
    From trading ideas to accepting students for research, ForagerOne makes connecting with interested and motivated students easier by using the “Accepting Students” toggle switch.

  • Empower students.
    Research is a valuable tool for discernment and advancement. Uplift the future leaders of your field by searching student profiles in ForagerOne.

  • Collaborate across the Emory network.
    Faculty can also search for students or other faculty interested in their research field. Use ForagerOne to connect with potential collaborators across Emory.

Getting Started for Students
  • Create your profile.
    Create Now 

  • Explore Potential Research Partners.
    Bookmark engaging faculty and learn more about their published work.

  • Connect directly with faculty members.
    Send an e-introduction directly to faculty using the ForagerOne messenger tool. (Read our tips on crafting a message to faculty)

  • Find research opportunities.
    Search for available on-campus research openings at Emory.

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