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Scholar Qualities

The Emory Scholar qualities are grounded in the legacy of Robert W. Woodruff. Through our selection processes, we look for academic excellence and evidence of: Intellectual Curiosity, Creative Thinking, Servant Leadership, Communication Skills and Contribution to Community.

Intellectual Curiosity

Emory Scholars hunger for opportunities for learning, discourse, and intellectual growth. They investigate complexities and multiple perspectives.

Creative Thinking

Emory Scholars are known for making novel connections, sharing insights, and for innovative problem-solving. They often take unconventional paths to reach goals.

Servant Leadership

Emory Scholars engage deeply in things that are important to them and work to make a difference and/or help create positive change in the lives of others.

Communication Skills

Emory Scholars are gifted communicators with strong interpersonal skills in addition to strong verbal and written communication skills.

Contribution to Community

Emory Scholars serve their communities by making meaningful contributions that leave things better than they found them.

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