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About Us

Orientation Experience Mission

The Orientation Experience provides exceptional transition programming and resources that prepare new students to be successful at Emory University. We create opportunities for students to explore academic pathways, initiate social connections, practice health and well-being, and develop a sense of community and belonging.

Through intentional and creative collaboration with university partners, we strive to create a positive and seamless experience for all new students and their families.


  1. Introduce new students to information and resources that are fundamental to four-years of academic and social success
  2. Foster community by connecting new students to faculty, staff, peer leaders, and other students
  3. Facilitate the exploration of various academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular opportunities available at Emory
  4. Design an experience where students feel supported, prepared, welcomed, and excited to be a member of our community
  5. Educate families about the resources available to them and their students

Contact Us:
New Student Programs
Office for Undergraduate Education
Phone: 404-727-9000

Professional Staff

Jill Camper
Orientation and New Student Programs
Shari Obrentz
Associate Dean
Office for Undergraduate Education
Heather Mann
Associate Director
New Student Programs
Emily Morran
Assistant Director
New Student Programs
Cristina Griffin
Events Manager
Office for Undergraduate Education
Carson Banks
Associate Director
Emory Campus Life
Kainat Mitha
Program Coordinator
Emory Campus Life
Jess Heckler
Program Coordinator
Emory Campus Life
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