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Hiring Students

According to HR policy on student employment, a student employee is any current and in active status Emory student who works for Emory for pay. Students may be employed only in a temporary (employment) status. Emory students enrolled in post graduate programs will be considered for regular employment status with Emory on a case by case basis.

All student hires in the College must be submitted via HR Web Student Hire and the Pre-Start Service by the department/program’s Academic Department Administrator or Lead Staff or designated department-level student hire representative. Access to the PeopleSoft Student Hire system is granted via Data Access Request.

Work-Study Students

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 Work Study students are partially funded by the federal government. During the initial recruiting process, departments should make every effort to hire work-study student employee(s) first. Use job code 9998 for work-study student hires. Students must have applied for and received financial aid. Work Study students are generally allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during periods of enrollment, and 40 hours per week during periods of non-enrollment.

Hiring work study students is the department's responsibility. Information and forms related to student hiring including work-study hires and rehires, payroll schedules, and work study supervisor's handbook is available at the Office of Financial Aid's Student Employment page.

Non-Work-Study Students

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Non-work study students are hired by the department via the HR Web Student Hire system. When completing a Student Hire in HRWeb, the department rep should use:

  • job code 9900 for biweekly undergraduate student employees
  • job code 9910 for monthly undergraduate student employees
  • job code 9911 for biweekly graduate student employees
  • job code 9909 for monthly undergraduatae student employees

Timecards for Biweekly Students

Students hired using the 9900/9911 job codes are paid bi-weekly basis and are required to use Kronos Web Clocking to record their “in” and “out” timestamps for each day worked. Once a bi-weekly student's hire record is live, they will receive an automated email with clocking instructions.

Departmental Supervisors Approve Timecards

Departmental supervisors approve timesheets in Emory Timecard Adjustment System (ETAS) according to the bi-weekly payroll schedule (NETid log-in required to access this page). The timecard review and approval process should be completed prior to the ETAS deadline each pay period to prevent errors in pay. 

If you require additional assistance to complete a task, send an email to Emory University Payroll or call the Payroll Department at 404-727-6100.

Teaching Assistants

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Teaching assistant are hired by the department. The College Office monitors teaching assistant salary charges to insure that commitment amounts are not exceeded, and to ensure that the department is reimbursed for salary charges via transfer from Operations Area Office/Finance.


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College HR has developed resources for supervisors to use in organizing and managing student employees. Should you need any additional assistance please contact your designated HR Associate in the Emory College Office.

It is important to emphasize confidentiality among student employees who photocopy, file, shred, deliver, or handle in any other manner student, staff, and faculty files, grades, contact information, and other documents considered confidential. We encourage supervisors to have student employees review and sign a confidentiality statement.

Please download the Confidentiality Agreement and have your student assistants read and sign it on an annual basis. Retain the signed copy in the students’ personnel record. College HR uses a Student Employee Handbook that provides information on tasks, processes, and protocol relevant for students employed in our office. We encourage departments to create their own such handbooks and resources that will help students and supervisors.