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Departments and units may choose to initiate staff searches under a variety of circumstances:

  1. a staff member resigns, retires or separates for any reason and must be replaced.
  2. a department/unit needs an additional staff member to meet expanding and/or special types of work areas on a temporary or permanent basis.

For both requests the Staff Reclassification, Promotion or Staff Line Request Form is needed.

Send the completed forms to your ECAS HR Associate and copy Your College HR Associate can assist you through the hiring process. All staff searches must be approved by College HR prior to posting.

Hiring Process

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Under almost all circumstances, departments should go through the open recruitment process. All hiring is regulated by the Employment (Recruitment) Policy.

Open recruitment requires advertising the position publicly and considering both internal and external candidates. Emory University Recruiting will receive, screen, and forward applications to departments via the iCIMS system which is accessible via PeopleSoft. More information is available on the Emory University HR page Recruiting Resources for Managers.

Alternately, in rare cases an Administrative Decision may be used to hire staff without posting the position publicly in one of the following two scenarios: to internally move a temporary employee into a regular position if multiple candidates were interviewed as part of the temporary position vetting process or to hire an external candidate with unique qualifications that cannot be found through an open search. Additional information may be obtained from the Emory University HR Administrative Decision Process form. To request an Administrative Decision, contact your ECAS HR Associate.

Departments may also wish to use temporary staffing through Emory Temporary Services.

A call for reclassification requests and/or new lines is issued by College HR with the annual performance and merit process each spring. If the work of the staff position has exceeded the scope of the current title, Chairs and Directors should make these types of staffing requests during their annual planning sessions and at the time merit recommendations/performance evaluations are returned to the College Office in April.

Once the department receives approval to post a staff position (See Hiring Staff section above for instructions), the Department hiring official should send their preferred qualifications for the actual posting to their ECAS HR Associate via the ECAS Job Posting webform. The webform link is available on the ECAS Lead Staff Sharepoint.

On the webform, the department may provide preferred qualifications such as education level, skills or attributes not specifically described in the generic job description of the position being posted. Also provide the search committee names who will need access to iCIMS (an applicant tracking system, for hiring paid, regular or temporary faculty and staff) to review the candidate pool.

Access iCIMS

Access iCIMS through Self-Service/PeopleSoft. If you are an Emory manager with direct reports, go to Manager Self-Service. If you are a non-manager, go to HRWEB. Click on the Emory Recruiting System tile, then log in with your Emory Network ID and password.

Once posted, applicants will apply to the position. Employment University Recruiting will screen and refer a pool of candidates who meet all necessary requirements to the department via iCIMS. The department-level hiring official will then review the candidate pool to determine who to interview. At minimum, three candidates should be interviewed. Please be sure to note in iCIMS those who are interviewed.

College HR assists in screening candidates for Academic Department Administrators/Lead Staff positions.

If the pool does not provide the needed candidates, please let your College HR Associate or Emory University Recruiter know an additional pool is requested. Only request additional candidates after screening the current pool of candidates.

Please note when considering finalists that the pre-employment process can take up to 2 weeks.

Search & Interview Process

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Departments are encouraged to convene search committees to manage the search process and carry out tasks including review of candidates, setting interviews, and contacting finalist references. The Recruiting Specialist will check employment references (SkillSurvey) unless the department specifically requests to check references themselves.

Search committees are usually constituted to fill staff positions such as the Academic Department Administrator or Lead Staff and include the Chair and one or two department faculty. In almost all cases it is not appropriate to have the departing employee or staff who will report to the position on the search committee.

College HR assists in the hiring and interview process for Academic Department Administrator/Lead Staff and other supervisory positions. Please contact Joel Tingle to initiate.

The Offer

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The department must contact their Employment University Recruiter and College HR Associate once the finalist has been selected in addition to noting the candidate’s status in iCIMS. 

No offer can be extended until references (SkillSurvey) are complete. After Employment and College HR have reviewed to references (SkillSurvey) and approved the salary, the department may make a verbal offer followed by the offer letter.

All starting salaries are vetted by College HR and Employment to ensure that equity and budget review considerations have been completed. After Employment and College HR have reviewed and approved the salary, the department may make a verbal offer followed by the offer letter.

New Staff Hire Orientation and Resources

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New staff employees can review their orientation action items on the Emory University HR New Hires page.

New staff employees can also register for an upcoming New Employee Welcome Session. Presented by Emory University's central Human Resources division, the New Employee Welcome Session does not replace department/division-level orientation. The session is offered via Zoom and:

  • provides an overview of the university's mission and culture
  • explains the many benefits and programs that are available to you
  • ensures that your paperwork is processed correctly
  • gives you the opportunity to get your EmoryCard and parking tag

College-level Orientation

College HR strongly recommends that ECAS Departments create a department-level orientation to introduce new staff to relevant persons and processes, systems, and procedures.

Departments may choose to create your own new hire information checklist or modify and adapt the New Hire Checklist (Central HR) or the New Hire Checklist (Emory College).

New Hire

  • Open Recruitment hires are processed by the Recruitment Specialist.
  • Administrative Decision hires are processed by the ECAS HR Associate.

Once a job record is processed, if the employee needs to make any changes they can do it via Self-Service/PeopleSoft.