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Lead with Us

Your support and advocacy for the transformative power of an Emory College of Arts and Sciences education is vital as we pursue our strategic priorities centered on discovery and creativity with broad impact.

Together, we can create an Emory College that leads the university and the world in re-defining what the liberal arts & sciences mean – and what they can achieve – in the 21st century.

Invest in Emory College

The future starts here.

Combining the strengths of a liberal arts college and the expertise of a research university, Emory creates purpose-driven alumni who approach the world as problem-solvers, communicators, and leaders. Our core strategic priorities look toward building a better tomorrow by focusing on Student Flourishing, Faculty Eminence, and Research Excellence.

Learn more about supporting Emory College students through opportunities like scholarships and experiential learning.

Engage with the Emory Community

Alumni involvement in Emory College is an essential part of the College's present and future. You connect us to our past, whether distant or recent, and create a vibrant network that has the power to create connections for current students and influence generations.


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