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The members of the Emory College Alumni Board (ECAB) are thoughtful advisors, ardent ambassadors, and inspired mobilizers who advance the academic mission of the College and the work of development and alumni relations.

The Emory College Alumni Board engages alumni and donors to serve as influencers with peers to advance Emory College’s mission and advancement and alumni engagement goals. It is a sounding board for both the Dean and the College’s Advancement and Alumni Engagement office. Ideally, ECAB is a meaningful engagement opportunity for alumni and donors that advances their relationship with Emory and their professional or personal development. Through the board, we identify and grow alumni leaders who have the potential for continued volunteer service with Emory.

To learn more about this incredible group of alumni and how you can become part of it, email Natasha D'Souza 03C, Managing Senior Director of Alumni Engagement at

The Emory College Alumni Board includes the College's strongest advocates and most vocal ambassadors.