Annual Giving Report

Annual Giving Report

You are Emory's past and its future

thank you donorsAlumni are the foundation of our past, the vibrancy of our present, and the engine for our future. We hope that you are as excited about where Emory College is headed as you are about your own experience, whether it was five or fifty years ago. Your support empowers students and faculty members alike to positively transform the world.

Emory College is at a critical juncture. Soon we will launch a strategic plan to push the limits of our research and the creation of new knowledge and creative works while enhancing our core commitment to offering a transformative student experience. We will only fulfill our ambitions to recruit and support a faculty of innovative scholars who are also gifted and dedicated teachers and mentors, provide an exceptional liberal education, create departments of national and international distinction, and build a community of access and inclusion with the very real support of our alumni, parents, and friends.

Your investment and involvement in Emory College will make all of the difference in our success.

Every gift matters

Every gift to Emory College matters.

Whether it is your first gift or the gift that will define your legacy, it matters to Emory College. Alumni giving participation contributes to how we’re measured in national rankings. More importantly, alumni giving signals confidence in the College and equips Emory with much-needed funding that supports scholarships, the student experience, and our path-breaking faculty.

A growing number of College alumni, parents, and friends are Wise Heart donors—individuals who give $1,000 or more annually or $500 or more if they graduated within the last 10 years. Wise Heart donors’ investment demonstrates their leadership at Emory, and they have opportunities to enjoy special-access activities and communications that help deepen their connection.

Major donors to Emory—those who give a gift of $50,000 or more—provide transformative support that is inspired by their passion, deep connections, and Emory’s strengths. Major gifts support faculty through program funding or endowed chairs. They support students through scholarships and awards for research or study abroad. Major gifts can also propel departments and programs through program funding and capital and faculty support.

Your gift to Emory College makes a difference.

Scholarships Seed the Future

thank you donors The gift of a scholarship can make all the difference in the life of a student and to the lifeblood of Emory. It empowers transformative academic and co-curricular experiences. Here students will grow in an Emory community that values change and helping others. Gifts of endowed scholarships liberate students to undertake the daring, creative ventures that help them affect their communities in ways they could not achieve otherwise.

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, your investment will be leveraged to create greater impact. Gifts to endow scholarships from $50,000 will be doubled—or more—matched on an escalating scale, magnifying your generosity to yield gains that stretch well beyond Emory, for an impact on individuals, their communities, and the world. Learn more about the extraordinary donors and students who are part of the scholarship endowment initiative and the details of the match.