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Scholar Qualities

The Scholar Qualities

Woodruff Scholars carry on Robert W. Woodruff’s legacy of passionate intellectual curiosity, creative leadership, and a strong motivation to use one’s talents and skills for the benefit of others rather than individual glory. These characteristics are distilled in the Scholar Qualities, which provide the criteria for Scholar selection and the learning outcomes that are the foundation of programming for Emory College Scholars. These qualities of character and action are central to the Scholars mission of developing students to be agents of positive social change during and beyond their years at Emory.


Forceful and Unselfish Character 

Being value-centered and other-oriented through both action and reflection

It is displayed through:

  • Displaying empathy towards others and appreciation for human differences 
  • Thoughtfully articulating a set of personal values that provide a sense of purpose and direction
  • Demonstrating a clear commitment to enrich the lives of others at Emory and in the wider world


Creativity and Leadership  

Applying knowledge and creativity in addressing leadership challenges

It is displayed through:

  • Being knowledgeable about social challenges so that one can contribute meaningfully to seeking solutions
  • Producing original responses and solutions to challenges while acknowledging and supporting diverse perspectives 
  • Responding to unscripted and multi-faceted problems with creativity and flexibility 
  • Leading with clarity and sophistication in their communication skill 


Intellectual and Personal Vigor  

Confronting uncomfortable challenges with ingenuity and determination

It is displayed through:

  • A strong work ethic and commitment to the tasks one takes on 
  • Resilience in the face of adversity
  • Commitment to excellence through prominent achievement both inside and outside the classroom


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