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College Faculty Senate

The ECAS Office of Faculty supports and promotes the value of shared governance between faculty and administration. The ECAS Senior Associate Dean of Faculty works directly with the President of the College Faculty Senate and the Senate Executive Committee to address faculty concerns and to create processes and infrastructures for change. In the past few years, the ECAS Office of Faculty has supported and implemented several College Senate-driven initiatives and recommendations.

Please Note: Access to the documents within the College Faculty Senate site requires an Emory network ID and password.

Initiatives & Recommendations

Every year, the ECAS Tenure and Promotion Committee and the ECAS Teaching Track Faculty Promotion Committee, which are comprised of elected members from the faculty, submit their reports to the ECAS Faculty Senate. The ECAS Office of Faculty works with the chairs of these committees to respond to these reports and to improve and/or clarify the work of these committees.

The recommendations made in the Final Report of the Anti-Racism Working Group in Fall 2020 have been incorporated into the annual Faculty Activity and Merit Evaluation (Faculty 180) process. The Working Group outlined several DEI-related goals for faculty and efforts toward these goals are now embedded and recognized within the annual faculty merit review.

In 2020, following attacks on Afghan civilians, the ECAS Faculty Senate passed a motion to support an Afghani scholar in ECAS. The ECAS Office of Faculty drove this effort and partnered with the President of the Faculty Senate, the Provost's Office of Global Initiatives, the Laney Graduate School, and a department within ECAS to sponsor and invite an Afghani scholar at risk to Emory.

In Fall 2022, the Practices and Policies for Evaluation of Teaching (PPET) Senate Working Group submitted a set of recommendations to the Dean of ECAS. Most of these recommendations were accepted by the Dean and in Spring 2023, the ECAS Office of Faculty constituted the PPET Implementation Committee. This committee was comprised of teaching-track and tenure-track faculty at all ranks, across the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. The committee developed guidelines and procedures for mentorship, formative and summative evaluations, and feedback instruments to reconfigure how our faculty are evaluated and supported in their teaching excellence. These guidelines and procedures are currently being tested and reviewed by several departments with the goal of moving these new practices throughout ECAS by AY 2024-2025.

In Spring 2024, the ECAS Faculty Senate passed a motion related to freedom of expression. The Senior Associate Dean of Faculty supports the "Statement of Principles" adopted by our faculty and will promote the values of this statement through the activities in the ECAS Office of Faculty.