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University Research Committee (URC) Award

Individuals requesting course releases should include a maximum of $12,500 per course within the proposed URC (or Halle-URC) budget, up to a maximum of $25,000 per application. The application must include a formal school-generated document designating approval for course release. It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain formal approval for course release from your Dean, and, as appropriate, through your unit head (e.g., Department Chair). Applications including a request for course release funds that lack supporting documentation with a Dean’s formal approval will not be considered. 


  • Faculty who are eligible for a semester leave in a given AY (pre-tenure leave, post-tenure leave, banked leave, etc.) are not eligible for additional course releases through the URC mechanism in the same given year.


  • Faculty who receive course releases through URC funding are still expected to be in residence and participate fully in all faculty service responsibilities including department and committee meetings, student advising, etc.


  • Dean-level approval letters must be requested a minimum of two weeks ahead of the URC deadline. Please include a copy or working draft of your proposal. All requests must be sent to the Senior Associate Dean of Faculty via <>.


For more information on the URC Award, please visit their page