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Graduation / Program Completion

Dual Degree Completion

Once you complete your second degree at Georgia Tech, you will need to apply for graduation from Emory College. To do so, you can submit an application to graduate. Please review the OUE Forms page for information on the Application for Graduation.

In addition to the actual application, students will need to submit copies of transcripts (unofficial are acceptable) from both Emory College and Georgia Tech.

Returning to Emory without Dual Degree Completion

On some occasions students transfer to Georgia Tech only to realize they are not finding themselves comfortable in their curriculum or they decide not to complete the second degree.

In cases such as this, students are required to apply for readmission to Emory College and then complete the requirements (any remaining credit hours and GERs- the 3rd CWRT course) towards completion of the first degree.

Students wishing to return to Emory College should complete the Request for Readmission process found on the OUE Forms page.

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