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Internal Grants

University Research Committee Grants

University Research Committee Grants support the research of faculty across the university with an application deadline in early January. Full-time Emory Faculty are eligible to apply, and successful applicants are eligible to apply again in three years, provided that they submitted their end of award report to the URC coordinator.

Program to Enhance Research and Scholarship

Program to Enhance Research and Scholarship grants are run through the Office of Research Funding and Support (ORFS) of Emory College of Arts and Sciences. They can support proposals from regular Emory faculty for modest seed funding for new research, research travel, other research-related activities, and matches for equipment grants. A limited amount of funding is also available to presenters at international and national research conferences, especially in those areas where such funding is not available through external grants. Twice annual deadlines are in early October and March.

Bridge Funding

Bridge Funding is available to those investigators who have a history of external funding and who have recently had a primary source of funding declined by a granting agency. Bridge funding is made only after funds available in the investigator’s non-sponsored research account are below $5,000 (NSPs [previously known as #2 accounts] will be monitored). If you qualify, you may apply at any point in the academic year, by submitting the following materials to Ronald L. Calabrese, Senior Associate Dean for Research (, and Connie Copeland of ORFS (

  1. Requested amount (up to $25,000) with a budget and budget justification.
  2. Current CV.
  3. Reviews and scores from a current proposal that has not been funded.
  4. Plans for submission of a revised application of the current proposal or a new funding application.

Special Needs

In extraordinary circumstances, modest research support needs for regular Emory faculty can be met by ORFS. Contact Ronald L. Calabrese, Senior Associate Dean for Research for additional information.