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Adi Pucha Peer Ambassador, National Scholarships & Fellowships Program



Adi Pucha is a junior from Atlanta, Georgia studying Biology and Computer Science on the pre-med track. 

He is passionate about all things relating to sports medicine, working in the Patel lab at Atlanta VA Medical Center and Emory Musculoskeletal Institute. His research and future career interests lie in the fields of biomedical engineering and orthopaedics, working with cell-instructive biomaterials to guide tissue-engineering strategies for repair and regeneration of musculoskeletal tissue. Some of Adi’s on-campus involvements include serving as finance chair for the Emory Indian Cultural Association, co-president of the Emory Undergraduate Service Journal Club, a Biology 141/142 Lab LA, a PHA peer mentor, and a URP research ambassador. Post graduation, he hopes to pursue an MD-PhD and eventually work as a clinical researcher at the intersection between novel biomaterial research for tissue engineering and implementation in the clinic. Adi received the Petit Scholars award and applied for the Goldwater Scholarship in 2022, and hopes to pursue the Churchill, Gates-Cambridge, and Fulbright scholarships.  


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