Research in Natural and Biomedical Sciences

Summer Research Programs at Emory University are Emory College programs, supporting undergraduates who wish to explore, experience, and conduct full time independent and mentored research for the summer.

During the ten-week residential summer program, research fellows conduct full-time research, mentored by their Faculty Mentor or Principal Investigator and teams of postdocs, research technicians, graduate students, and other undergraduates.  Our summer researchers are registered for a zero-credit residency and may receive a housing award for residence on the Emory campus and/or stipend to support their full-time attention to research training and professional development.

The Natural and Biomedical Sciences Program is built on the tradition and history of the SURE program which has a 26-year record of training undergraduates in science research.  The Sciences program offers the opportunity to develop the scientific skills most important to success in a professional career:designing experiments, problem-solving, interpreting results, communicating one’s science to various audiences, and navigating difficult ethical situations.  In addition, it is an opportunity to discuss science and start building your professional network with world-renowned scientists and with your best and brightest peers from Emory and other institutions. 

The capstone of the Sciences Summer Program is the Poster Symposium at the end of the summer.  Research Fellows formally present their work in a symposium well attended by the community at large, as well as faculty of Emory University (Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, School of Medicine, School of Public Health), Georgia Institute of Technology, and other regional universities, who are looking for up-and-coming young researchers. 


Why does the program target rising sophomores, juniors and seniors and not first-year students?

Many available projects require students who have completed sophomore-level coursework and beyond. 

Are graduating seniors (seniors that will graduate at the end of the Spring quarter/semester preceding the summer experience, or in the summer) eligible? 

NO. The program is designed to support students currently enrolled in an undergraduate program. You are not eligible for the summer research program if your bachelor's degree has been awarded by the time the program starts. 

Is the summer research program open to students who are not American citizens? 

Funding is available to US citizens and permanent residents. International students currently enrolled at Emory are also eligible to apply.

Can I participate if I have my own funding?

Some external students are eligible to particpate if their home institution or special program directly pays their stipend and housing. Assuming the student is a competitive candidate and that laboratory and housing space are available, we will do our best to place the student in our program. Note that funding availability alone does not guarantee a position: all applicants must be competitive as determined by the selections committee. Please contact the program director if you have any questions.


All applicants must complete an application by January 13, 2017 January 27, 2017

This intensive research program combines full-time research with activities that prepare participants for a successful graduate or professional career. In accepting our offer, awardees commit to:

  • Complete all pre-arrival steps in order to be admitted to the program
  • Attend and participate fully during entire program May 30 - August 3, 2017
  • Complete all required safety training prior to collecting data on your project
  • Dedicate approximately 40 hours/week to their research projects
  • Participate in all weekly seminars, workshops, discussion groups and activities as scheduled
  • Develop a mentor-mentee contract with their faculty mentor
  • Post a research proposal by the third week of the program
  • Routinely consult the updated online program schedule
  • Present a poster during the poster symposium
  • Complete pre/post program evaluations
  • Participate in laboratory meetings, journal clubs, safety training, and other academic activities as outlined by the research mentor
  • Update program organizers of future academic developments for program assessment purposes

Summer research participants cannot enroll for summer school. Currently, it is not possible for us to award research credit hours for participation.

Successful applicants are offered campus housing (usually 4BR suites in Clairmont Campus housing). If you reside in the Atlanta area, you are still eligible for campus housing, however participants may choose to live off-campus.  Housing award funds are not transferable. If you are selected to participate and accept to attend the summer research program, you agree to abide by the same Emory College student conduct guidelines that are applicable during the academic year. Violation of these guidelines will result in termination and referral to other College units for follow-up as warranted. 

Application and Instructions

Before Applying:

  1. Review program participant responsibilities.  
  2. You must be fully available during the dates of the entire program (May 30 - August 3, 2017). 
  3. Please review these guidelines before you begin your application.    

Emory students must apply with a proposal.

The following materials must be submitted by 11:59 pm on January 13, 2017 January 27, 2017


  • An unofficial transcript is acceptable


  • One page maximum length. You may wish to include academic awards and honors, including honors projects, independent research experiences, publications and presentations, volunteer and extracurricular experience, internships and work experience, and membership in professional and academic organizations.

Statement of Purpose

  • One page explanation of how participation in this summer research program will advance your academic & career goals. Specifically address how research fits into your goals.

Research Proposal

  • Emory students and returning students from other institutions must submit a proposal as part of their application. The research proposal may be your original idea, a project proposed by your mentor, or a combination of both. Your proposal should follow the guidelines here. Remember to ask if you are eligible for support under supplements to your mentor’s research grants. The final version of your proposal must be approved by the mentor.

Letter of Support

  • The faculty mentor with whom you plan to work should write this letter. Provide a copy of these guidelines to your mentor to ensure he/she understands the program’s schedule and commitments. Your mentor will be better able to write a strong, supportive letter if he/she is familiar with your laboratory performance, work ethic, academic background and intended career path. If your mentor has applied for extramural funding or a supplement that might support your work, have him/her mention this in the letter. We strongly encourage all eligible mentors to apply for supplements. If there are things you wish to address that don’t “fit” anywhere else in the application, let your letter writer know. It is your responsibility to confirm with your faculty mentor that the letter has been submitted by the deadline.

Application Form

  • Academic, Demographic, and Contact information
  • Research Experience: List relevant research experiences. Include the title of project, your specific responsibilities and role, length of experience, supervisor, and location.
  • Provide contact information for the faculty mentor or Principal Investigator sponsoring your research proposal. You will certify that you developed this proposal with your mentor’s input.

Funding:  Applicants may select one of the following funding arrangements

  • Registration Only - Supports participation in the program, professional development workshops, events and co-curricular activities.
  • Registration & Housing - Supports participation in the program, professional development workshops, events and co-curricular activities, and on-campus housing.  Select this option if your mentor has guaranteed funding to support your stipend or if you can support yourself financially this summer.
  • Registration & Housing PLUS Stipend- Supports participation in the program, professional development workshops, events and co-curricular activities and on-campus housing PLUS stipend
  • Some of our partners provide funding for different specialty areas or projects. Consult with your faculty mentor about which program might fit your research interests.

All materials will be submitted through the online application form.

There is no login.  You will NOT be able to save and make adjustments to your application or check on the status. You should gather all materials to submit at the time you complete your application. 

If you do not have all materials, you will need to create a new submission when you have assembled all the elements of the complete application packet.

Application Instructions

Start by generating a request for Letter of Support here. Do this even before you are ready to submit your application. This will give your faculty mentor enough time to complete the letter and submit by the deadline.

Enter your academic, demographic, and contact information, research experience, and certify your research placement/mentor agreement.

Upload your Transcript

Upload your Resume

Upload Statement of Purpose

Upload Research Proposal

Consider saving your documents as PDF to preserve your preferred formatting.

Application Deadline

Application Deadline: Friday, January 13, 2017 January 27, 2017


Research Proposal Guidelines

Please review and follow these guidelines to begin your application. 



A selection panel will identify finalists.

  • Notifications will be sent via email by March 5

  • Confirm participation no later than March 15, 2017