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Project Team

  Terry Bozeman


Terry Bozeman, LEED AP

  Sidney Ward


Sidney Ward, LEED AP

  Bob Campbell


Bob Campbell, LEED AP

  Christina Norris


Christina Norris, LEED AP


  Dennis Ritchie


Dennis Ritchie



Picture Unavailable


Beth Royals


  Lindsay Cross


Lindsay Cross

  Nancy Bayly


Nancy Bayly, LEED AP

  • Associate Director, Capital Projects & Facility Planning
  • Emory College
  • nbayly@emory.edu
  Hilary Ford


Hilary Ford

  Charles Forrest


Charles Forrest

Design Team




S/L/A/M Collaborative, Atlanta, GA

  • Joseph League - Project Director
  • Sidney Ward - Project Manager/Designer
  • Chris Butler - Project Architect
  • Avian Caruso - Project Architect
  • Terri Frink - Interior Designer
  • Dan Grannis - Landscape Architect
  • David Black - Preservation Architect, Hagersmith Design, PA

General Contractor

Holder Construction Co., Atlanta, GA

  • Drew Yantis - Senior Vice President
  • Ron Wynn - Project Director, Vice President
  • Bob Campbell - Project Manager
  • Christina Norris - Project Engineer
  • Dennis Ritchie - Superintendent
  • Victoria Latimore - Field Office Processor


Nottingham, Brook & Pennington, Inc., Macon, GA

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing
  • Neil S. Wyche - Discipline Leader
  • James J. Scruggs - Discipline Designer
  • Timothy W. Trotter - Discipline Designer
Fire Protection
  • George M. Nottingham III - Discipline Designer


Marble Removal

Recycling Candler Library's marble floors


Waveguide, Decatur, GA

  • Scott Walker - Principal
  • David Copeland - Project Manager


Ch2M HILL, Atlanta, GA

  • Christopher Kloes
  • Sandra Dudley


Sutton Kennerly, Greensboro, NC

  • Brad Ehrhardt
  • Jeremy Troxler


Estes Shields, Atlanta, GA

  • Ken Ussery

Other Emory Support

College Office

Rosemary Magee, Laura Papotto, Carole Meyers, Annie Carey, Geraldine Duffy


Joan Gotwals, Joyce Piatt, David Vidor

Facilities Management

Bob Hascall, Jen Fabrick, Art Frazier, Debbie Moyers, Bob McMains, Al Herzog, James Johnson, Jimmy Powell and the Grounds staff, Charles Norris, Mark Kimbrough and the C Zone staff, Kyle Duncan, LD Kicak and the HVAC staff, Robin Smith, Cecil King and the Housekeeping staff, Veronica Lofton, Tim Lawson, Jason Cook, FIMS Department

Other Emory Involvement

Bill Collier, Craig Watson, Brian Shaw, John Stiles, Angela Cohran, Jennifer Bailey, Barbara Brandt, Glenn Kulasiewicz, and thanks for the website development of Marianne Schneider and India Herndon


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