• Translate your liberal arts skills into real world experiences

  • Explore digital marketing in Hong Kong

  • Emory global intern cohort in Singapore

  • Utilize Emory Alumni networks in Atlanta

  • Experience the start-up culture first-hand

  • Intern in a public relations firm in Boston

About Academic Internships

The Academic Internships initiative within the Office of International and Summer Programs (OISP) seeks to:

  • Connect students with meaningful academic internships that align with their liberal arts majors
  • Create structured credit-bearing opportunities to translate liberal arts skills into real world experiences
  • Prepare students for the global workforce through enhanced cross-cultural competencies

Pathways to pursue academic internships:

Alumni Spotlight

Sanai Meles C'17

History and Media Studies Major | Global Intern at Digital Marketing Agency in Hong Kong: "The online course pushed me to critically examine my internship experience, taking into account what I have learned in the classroom setting and figuring out how I could translate it into a professional one. I learned how to maximize my experience in the context of my career ambitions of working in advertisement."