INTERN 496 | INTERN 497 (1-credit)

INTERN 496: Experiential Links to the Major
INTERN 497: Advanced Practicum for the Major


INTERN 496: Experiential Links to the Major

  • 1-credit hybrid course includes pre-internship workshop, online modules, and post-internship reflection assignment for students to think critically about the connections between their major field of study and career goals
  • Integrates knowledge derived from their academic studies with the experiences gained from internship work settings
  • $50 Application fee for processing; Tuition waiver for 1-credit course
  • Enrollment includes students in the following categories:
    • F-1 international students seeking CPT approval from institution for employer
    • Students participating in a non-paid internship requiring course enrollment


INTERN 497: Advanced Practicum for the Major

    • 1-credit hybrid course that provides scaffolding experience
    • Pre-requisite: INTERN 496
    • Integrates prior internship experience(s) with current placement to continue critical reflection on major field of study and transferable skills to the global workplace


These courses allow for students to enroll in a credit-bearing engaged learning opportunity. Options include: 

  • For students who secure their own internship: (Emory Career Center and/or other networks to find internship)
  • For students needing documentation: obtain approval letter to provide to employer that documents student is earning academic credit for internship
  • For F-1 International Students requiring ISSS CPT work authorization
  • For students in related research/internship programs with stipends- please contact to confirm enrollment process.

INTERN 496: Click here to apply now 

INTERN 497: Click here to apply now

Note: Applications typically open in mid-February


To be eligible for INTERN 496: Experiential Links to the Major, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Be currently enrolled in Emory College of Arts and Sciences: Business school students or students from all other schools are not eligible to participate. Students who have graduated are not eligible to participate.
  • Be in good academic standing: Students on academic probation or honor code probation are not permitted to participate.
  • Secure an internship within the United States: Exceptions are made for international students returning to their home country for internship experiences.
  • Meet minimum internship hours: 40 hours/week for three weeks, 20 hours/week for six weeks, or an equivalent level of time commitment; any exception must be approved by the instructor based on the number of hours and project-based work completed
  • Define how the internship experience is integral part of a student’s academic experience at Emory: Students should identify clear goals of what they want to achieve through the internship. Students should seek internships that are related to their short-term and/or long-term career goals. 
  • For international students only:
    • Whether your internship is paid or unpaid, you should work with your ISSS advisor to obtain work authorization in advance, if eligible.
    • You must have a declared major by the time of application 
  • For business school students:
    • if you are entering the Business School in the upcoming Fall, then you should enroll in BUS 496 instead of INTERN 496. Please contact Kelsey Flynn for more information on BUS 496 enrollments.

To be eligible for INTERN 497: Advanced Practicum for the Major, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Meet all the criteria listed above for INTERN 496
  • Have previously enrolled in INTERN 496 during a prior term

Students are enrolled in INTERN 496 or INTERN 497 will receive 1 credit.  The course descriptions are as follows:

INTERN 496: Experiential Links to the Major

Students will have the opportunity to integrate knowledge derived from their academic studies with the experiences gained from real-world work settings. A pre-internship workshop, online modules, and post-internship reflection assignment will help students think critically about the connections between their major field of study and career goals.  

INTERN 497: Advanced Practicum to the Major

The Advanced Practicum provides the student with an opportunity to further explore career interests while applying knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to a professional work setting. Pre-and post-internship modules and assignments are constructed to help students think intentionally about their internship experience, career goals, and professional development.

Pre-requisite: INTERN 496

Course Modules: For INTERN 496 and INTERN 497, the course modules will focus on the following:

  • Preparing you for your internship experience and exploring your sense of identity within the context of the global workplace
  • Making connections from the skill sets developed in a liberal arts education and their connection to your internship experience
  • Evaluating what you learned from your internship experience and preparing for your next steps in your academic and professional career.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Present yourself professionally in an online environment
  • Discuss how your internship relates to your academic and professional career
  • Express the value of your liberal arts background in the workplace

Process to receive credit:

  • Student pays a $50 processing fee total (non-refundable)
  • Tuition for 1-credit is assessed.  Tuition waiver is applied.  No additional cost to the student. Fee waivers will be applied to tuition costs reflected on OPUS by mid-May. 
  • 1-hour workshop that takes place in early May
  • Evaluation submitted by internship supervisor that verifies total hours completed
  • Course grade is S/U.  Course credit will appear on the transcript.  One credit hour will count towards hours needed to graduate.
  • Research internship opportunities: Utilize Emory Career Center resources.
  • Please attend an Intern 101 Advising session to learn about the program and ask questions about the application process.  Sessions are held October-April.
  • Please reach out to with additional questions.
  • Once you have received an internship offer, submit the online application. Applications open in January.  Applications are reviewed on a rolling admissions basis. Click here to start application.
  • Submit processing fee: $50 fee is required to process your application.  The fee is submitted online (via credit card) at the time of application.  No refunds are provided.
  • Receive INTERN 496/497 approval: Once your application is complete, it takes approximately 10 business days for final approval of your application.  If requested, a letter of approval will be uploaded to the Documents tab of your application.
  • International students: Please meet with your ISSS advisor to submit a CPT request.
  • Verify course enrollment: OISP will enroll you in INTERN 496 or INTERN 497 for 1-credit.  Enrollment takes place in early May. 
  • Review OPUS account: OISP will post an award amount to cover the tuition costs of your course.  You will see the tuition charge and the award amount posted in OPUS (and thus, no additional charges will be required by the student other than the $50 processing fee paid at the time of application submission).  If you are enrolling in additional summer courses (Maymester, on-campus, online or study abroad), OISP will adjust your account so appropriate tuition and fees are assessed.  Contact OISP if you have questions regarding your account charges.
  • Arrange housing and other logistics: Students are responsible for finding their own housing.  For students in the Atlanta-area, on-campus housing may be available in summer term.
  • Attend 1-hour workshop which will be held early May
  • Complete the online course: Students can access the online course in Canvas. The course consists of reflection assignments designed to be completed throughout the duration of the internship. The course is graded pass/fail; please note that successful completion of the online course is a required component of CPT for international students.
  • Complete a minimum of 120 internship hours (for example: 40 hours/week for three weeks or 20 hours/week for six weeks); any exceptions must be approved by the instructor.
  • Obtain employer evaluation from your supervisor (no later than August 2): All employers must submit an evaluation at the completion of the internship.  Students will directly upload the evaluation to the online checklist. Please note that the employer evaluation must be submitted in order to receive a passing grade. If OISP does not receive the evaluation prior to deadline, a grade of Unsatisfactory will be assigned to a student's transcript.
  • Review grade in OPUS: OISP will post S/U grade to OPUS at the end of summer; see calendar for guidelines. 

Academic Course Registration

Students enrolled in INTERN 496 or INTERN 497 for 1-credit must take the course for a grade of satisfactory/unsatisfactory.  Students will complete a required 120-hour internship with their selected employer and their employer at the end of the course must verify their hours. This course will be posted on the student’s Emory transcript and will apply to their overall graduation requirement.

Emory Summer School (on-campus) and Emory College Online

Students are able to take additional courses while enrolled in INTERN 496 or INTERN 497.  They may enroll in Emory Summer School (on-campus or online) courses that are conducted prior, during or after their internship has concluded. 

OPUS Registration

Once your application has been approved, The Office of International and Summer Programs will register you for your course.

Cost Policy

There is a $50.00 non-refundable processing fee for INTERN 496 and INTERN 497. Your OPUS account will show the 1-credit course and tuition, and then a tuition scholarship will be applied to cover the cost of tuition. This will be processed by OISP and Student Financial Services within approximately 2 business weeks of acceptance into the program.

Withdrawal Policy

Should you decide not to pursue your internship you must notify OISP immediately at

Honor Code and Code of Conduct

Students will abide by the Emory College Honor Code, which governs all academic work, and the Undergraduate Code of Conduct, which governs conduct requirements. Any violation of either Code will result in actions that may include a written warning or dismissal from the course at any time.

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