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Programs and Internships designed for Majors and Disciplines


Mellon Humanities Pathways

  • Faculty-driven joint initiative between Oxford College and Emory College of Arts and Sciences
  • Curriculum innovation to support programs demonstrating the value of the humanities through diverse pathways to meaningful careers
  • For more information, visit the pathways website

Emory College Departments: Programs and Internships

Additional updates and new programs/initiatives are on-going. For more information or updates, please contact OISP.

Emory College academic departments have cultivated opportunities directly related to the relevant major areas of study.  Some departments have long-standing programs and allow internship courses to count towards major credit.  Students should contact the faculty in the academic department directly to inquire about the internships and academic course enrollment.

The following departments offer credit for an internship course.  If your academic department is not listed, please consult directly with your faculty advisor. 

American Studies  Interdisciplinary Studies
Art History  Latin American & Caribbean Studies
Dance Music 
Economics Political Science
English Quantitative Sciences
Environmental Sciences Sociology 
Film and Media Studies Spanish and Portuguese
German Studies Theatre Studies
History Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies