• Translate your liberal arts skills into workplace experiences

  • Explore digital marketing in Hong Kong

  • Emory global intern cohort in Singapore

  • Utilize Emory Alumni networks in Atlanta

  • Experience the start-up culture first-hand

  • Intern in a public relations firm in Boston

About Co-Curricular Internships

The Co-Curricular Internships Initiative within the Office of International and Summer Programs (OISP) seeks to:

  • Connect students with meaningful internships that align with their liberal arts majors
  • Create structured credit-bearing opportunities to translate liberal arts skills into workplace experiences
  • Prepare students for the global workforce through enhanced cross-cultural competencies

Pathways to pursue co-curricular internships:

The Co-Curricular Internships Initiative also seeks to support connected curriculum integration initaitives.


Alumni Spotlight

Aniqa Premjee C'20

Economics and Political Science Major; Economic Policy Concentration | Global Intern at Finance Startup in Singapore: "My internship experience helped me gain a deeper understanding of what I want to do in the future. I was able to test drive a career without having to make any serious commitments while also being able to further sharpen and hone the business skills I have already possessed and learned in my classes at Emory. Not only did it allow me to see what it would to be like to work in the business industry, it provided me with real life experiences, lessons, and tools that I need to get a full-time career in the finance field."