About Us

What We Do

The National Scholarships & Fellowships Program provides information and support for Emory College students, undergraduates enrolled in other Emory University divisions, and recent alumni interested in pursuing nationally competitive merit awards and internal Emory awards.

The primary services of the National Scholarships & Fellowships Program include:

  • Helping students learn what opportunities are available
  • Advising potential applicants on their eligibility and the appropriateness of particular awards
  • Guiding students through the application process
  • Assisting in crafting essays, grant proposals, and personal statements for award applications
  • Preparing students for scholarship interviews

Throughout the year we offer individual and group advising sessions and events to provide these services:

  • Information sessions that provide information about available awards, eligibility and selection criteria, application procedures and timelines, and advice on becoming a strong applicant
  • Workshops that help students learn more about specific awards and prepare strong applications
  • One-on-one advising appointments that help students determine their eligibility and competitiveness for specific awards, as well as discuss their academic and professional accomplishments and aspirations and identify additional resources on and off campus to enrich their Emory experience
  • Written and verbal feedback on application materials and essays, where appropriate
  • Preparation and practice for scholarship and fellowship interviews through preliminary nomination interviews and mock interviews for finalists