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Program Entry Requirements

Students are required to complete all of the regular General Education Requirements for Emory College and the appropriate prerequisites for the Nursing School.

Pre-Requisites for Admission to the Dual Degree Program

Course Requirements

Before beginning the BSN degree, students will need to complete the following:

  • Prerequisites for the School of Nursing
  • Completion of the Emory College General Education Requirements (*See table below for information on how GERs satisfy pre-requisites)
  • Completion of a major in Emory College.
  • 95 credit hours to qualify for the BA degree from Emory College. No more than 12 hours of those 95 credit hours can be fulfilled with test or transfer credit.

Grade Requirements

Students applying to the program must

  • Earn a minimum 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) in all course work
  • Earn a minimum 2.8 GPA in all math and science courses required by the program

Emory College General Education Requirements for BA/BS students

AreaGeneral Education AreaNumber of Courses Required/Notes on AreaBSN Pre-Requisites
IFirst Year Seminar (FSEM)1 course 
IIFirst Year Writing (FWRT)1 course - ENG 101, ENG 181, CPLT 110 or approrpiate test credit 
IIIContinuing Writing Courses (CWR/WRT)3 courses- complete with a grade of C or higher 
IVMath & Quantitative Reasoning (MWR)1 courseQTM 100 satisfies this requirement
VScience, Nature and Technology (SNT)2 courses, one course must have a lab componentGeneral Chemistry I (CHEM 150); General Biology with Lab (BIOL 141 and 141L); Human Anatomy and Human Physiology (NRSG 201&202, taught by the School of Nursing)*
VIHistory, Society and Culture (HSC)2 coursesHuman Growth and Development for Health Professions (NRSG 200, taught by the School of Nursing)*
VIIHumanities, Arts and Performance/Language (HAP/HAL)4 courses, at least 2 courses must be sequential courses in one langauge starting at the student's level of competence) 
VIIIHealth (HTH)1 course; HLTH 100 
IXPhysical Education (PED/PPF)2 courses, including one Principles of Physical Fitness (PPF) course 

*Courses taught in the School of Nursing do not carry GER tags. Students enrolled in the Dual Degree program in Nursing may use the courses listed above to satisfy their general education requirements. In the event that students were to return to Emory College without completing the Dual Degree Program, they would need to ensure that they satisfy any GER previously satisfied by a School of Nursing course.

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