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Now is the time for us be ambitious leaders for the liberal arts and sciences – and set the standard for what a liberal arts research university can achieve as we take on the most pressing challenges of our time.

Our strategic priorities focus on making Emory truly competitive through faculty excellence, an exceptional student experience and new research investments that have high potential for broad impact.

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Scholarship support is vital to our ability to recruit and support top students. Every dollar raised for scholarships in turn allows for greater investment in the faculty and programming that make Emory College of Arts and Sciences such an exceptional experience.

Completing our Scholarship Endowment Initiative — and maximizing an unprecedented $50 million matching program for scholarship gifts —is critical for the College's ability to meet its strategic goals and priorities.

Learn more about how you can Seed the Future through gifts to our Scholarship Endowment Initiative.

Hank 80B P10 and Lisette Siegel 80C P10 created an endowed scholarship to help a talented student have a life-changing experience.

Our faculty are committed to redefining the liberal arts for the 21st century. As they create new knowledge through innovative research, methods of discovery, and areas of exploration, we must support them with the means to do so – and ensure they have the broadest impact possible.

Gifts that support faculty at all levels - from named chairs and professorships to contributions to research funds - directly influence Emory's ability to ask - and answer - the world's most important questions. Learn more about faculty support.

Professor Deborah Lipstadt and Holocaust survivors

A liberal arts education is, at its core, a struggle with ideas. And we believe that struggle should be as hands-on as possible.

Emory College seeks to expand opportunities for student research in every field and increase access to independent projects, such as the Summer Undergraduate Research at Emory program, or SURE. The experience that students gain through hands-on undergraduate research—working collaboratively, managing complex projects—empowers them in whatever career they choose.

Study abroad also is vital to a student's education outside of the classroom. Those who have the opportunity to study abroad gain valuable insights, see the world from a different perspective, and develop skills that benefit them both personally and professionally for the rest of their lives.

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Stephanie Spangler 12C is a teacher today because of a transformative research experience.

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Alumni involvement in Emory College is an essential part of the College's present and future. You connect us to our past, whether distant or recent, and create a vibrant network that has the power to create connections for current students and influence generations.