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Alumni are the foundation of our past, the vibrancy of our present, and the engine for our future. With the launch of our strategic plan, we seek to lead the liberal arts and sciences for the 21st century – and we cannot do it alone. We will only fulfill our ambitions with the very real support of our alumni, parents, and friends. Your investment and involvement in Emory College will make all of the difference in our success.

Every gift matters.

Whether it is your first gift or the gift that will define your legacy, it makes a difference in the life of Emory College. Alumni giving participation contributes to how we’re measured in national rankings. More importantly, alumni giving signals confidence in the College and equips Emory with much-needed funding that supports scholarships, the student experience, and our path-breaking faculty.

Scholarships Seed the Future

What students experience during their time in the College of Arts and Sciences stays with them their entire lives. Our goal is to make that experience nothing short of transformative. We want to give them the tools, the means, and the motivation to thrive during their four years here.

Scholarship support empowers that exploration.

Completing our Scholarship Endowment Initiative—a $50 million matching program for gifts to scholarship endowment—is critical to realizing the College’s vision and strategic priorities.  Every dollar raised supports students directly and helps to free up College operating funds that can be applied to other priorities that support our academic excellence.

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, your investment will be leveraged to create greater impact. Gifts to endow scholarships from $50,000 will be doubled—or more—matched on an escalating scale, magnifying your generosity to yield gains that stretch well beyond Emory, for an impact on individuals, their communities, and the world. Learn more about the extraordinary students who are part of the scholarship endowment initiative and the details of the match. Meet the generous donors from all generations at Emory who have contributed to endowed scholarships.

Contact Mike Byerley, senior director of development, to share your interest in scholarships.

Support Faculty Excellence

Our faculty are the teachers and researchers who drive our mission to discover and disseminate knowledge. Through their research and scholarship, they push disciplines to evolve and respond to our changing world.

In addition to our commitment to increase support for faculty research and teaching, we seek to increase the visibility of our faculty at local, national, and international levels through public scholarship. Our goal is to help our faculty share their work and passions with the broader public — and elevate Emory’s profile in the process.

Philanthropic support is critical as we build a strong faculty for Emory College. Faculty chairs, professorships, and research funding are the means we will use to recruit and retain top teacher-scholars who will elevate the academic enterprise and increase Emory’s prominence.

To learn more about supporting Emory College faculty, email Mike Byerley, senior director of development.

The Impact of Gifts

Learn more about the power of your gifts to Emory College of Arts and Sciences.