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Bobby Jones Scholarship

Application Opens: October 24, 2022 
Application Deadline: 4:00 PM (ET), January 12, 2023 

Open To: Graduating Seniors, Current Emory Grad Students
Award Type:
Area(s) of study: All fields
Award criteria: academic achievement; leadership; interest in cultural exchange
Award provides: One year of study, including tuition waiver and living stipend, at the University of St Andrews in Scotland
Open to international students: Yes 

  • Have earned a Bachelor’s degree by Fall 2023

The Robert T. Jones, Jr. Scholarship was established in 1976 to honor the late Bobby Jones, an internationally renowned golfer, Emory alumnus, and extraordinary human being. Each year, the Scholarship provides a fully paid year of study for four Emory students at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. The Scholarship recognizes individuals who will be excellent representatives of Emory University at St Andrews. In general, the qualities required to fulfill this ambassadorship include academic excellence and exemplary character, integrity, and citizenship.

The Bobby Jones Scholarship is a university-wide scholarship that is open to students in any school. It can be awarded to graduating seniors or to graduate students who are in the early stages of their post-graduate work. Applicants must be in good academic and disciplinary standing with Emory University.

Successful applicants must have an outstanding academic record; a record of significant leadership in the life of the Emory community and/or the Atlanta community, with the expectation that the individual would be similarly involved in community life at St Andrews; excellent speaking and writing abilitiesstrong interpersonal skills; and academic and/or scholarly interests that can be pursued through the offerings at St Andrews.

Bobby Jones Scholars may seek an academic degree at St Andrews or take classes but not seek a degree. The St Andrews Prospectus, including a listing of programs and classes offered, may be viewed on-line at the University of St Andrews website ( Degree-seeking recipients must meet all the admission criteria for that degree program and the program must be completed within one year. Jones Scholars who do not pursue a degree are expected to propose a coherent academic plan, which may include either continuing work in their Emory field of study or pursuing
subjects different from their Emory program (for the most part, non-degree Scholars take advanced undergraduate-level courses).

Application Process
Once submitted, applications will be sent to the selection committee. The committee will narrow the candidate pool and invite a select group of applicants to interview in February.


  • Application form
  • CV/Résumé
  • Essay 1: Personal Statement (500-800 words)
  • Essay 2: St Andrews Program Proposal (500-800 words)
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Transcripts



  • Sarah Hunter ('20C) Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
  • David Kulp ('20C) Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture
  • Kendall Chan ('20C) History; Political Science
  • Adesola Thomas ('20C) Political Science; English



  • Wei Wei Chen ('18C), Film Studies
  • Carli Kovel ('18C), Chemistry
  • Leah Neiman ('18C), Ancient Mediterranean Studies
  • Jason Sell ('18C), Psychology


  • Jason Ehrenzeller (‘17C), Spanish; International Studies
  • Jhénelle Elder (‘17C), Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
  • Julianna Joss (‘17C), Political Science; Dance and Movement Studies
  • Ekaterina Koposova (‘17C), Art History


If you are interested in learning more about the application process and recommended timeline, visit our Canvas course.

If you are not currently enrolled in our Canvas course, please request registration.
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