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Emory Alumni Board Leadership Scholarship

Created in 2007 by the Emory Alumni Board (EAB), the Emory Alumni Board Leadership Scholarship recognizes students who are making a positive impact in the arts or sciences, academic or extracurricular pursuits, or through mentorship, social outreach, or other avenues.

The scholarship is warded to at least one full-time undergraduate and at least one full-time graduate student. To be eligible, students must be:

  • an undergraduate who has completed a minimum of two semester at Emory or Oxford, or
  • a graduate student who has completed one semester before the application deadline, or
  • an international student who is eligible for financial aid (international students must fill out a questionnaire in addition to the regular application).

Scholarship selection is based on a student's merit, and financial aid will be strongly considered. Please note that for scholarship eligibility applicants must be graduating  form an Emory undergraduate or graduate school after May 1, 2024. Scholarship funds may not be used retroactively.

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