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Recent and "In the Works" Classroom Projects

Renovations and new facilities

During these economic times we plan to maintain all teaching spaces as best as we can and “to do more with less”. Outdated technology will need to be decommissioned and removed from some teaching spaces. Options will be developed which will need to be reasonable in cost while still providing some level of technology for instruction. Our Classroom Group will assess spaces to make suggestions to reduce seating capacity in rooms which in the past were designed with too many seats, thus leaving the classroom too crowded and uncomfortable for the students.

Another area we will continue to focus on is the assessment of the physical conditions of our teaching spaces. We’ll work closely with Facilities Management and Building Services on the maintenance and cleanliness of the spaces. Efforts will continue to be spent on classroom utilization analysis to help determine future needs for classroom quantities, capacity and technology. We’ll also continue to include sustainable ideas to the planning, design, construction and purchasing decisions for classrooms. Our Classroom Group will strive to stay abreast of trends in technology, learning styles, furniture solutions and the complete environment we provide for the students.


This year the new Psychology and Interdisciplinary Sciences Building (PAIS) opened which provided several new technology enhanced classrooms. A total of 6 well designed new registrar scheduled rooms were made available. These classrooms were spaciously designed, furnished with comfortable, moveable furniture, and all filled with light from large windows. The larger classrooms were equipped with dual projectors/dual annotation Sympodiums, with the smaller classrooms provided with single projection/annotation Sympodiums.

new technology enhanced classroom new technology enhanced classroom
new technology enhanced classroom new technology enhanced classroom
new technology enhanced classroom  

PAIS Auditorium

Much attention was focused on the auditorium which seats 108 in a very spacious comfortable environment which allows the instructor to walk up the aisles to be close and interact with the students.

The PAIS building also provides the Psychology Department with 7 technology enhanced teaching spaces for their classes, seminars and colloquia. Many of the individual Psychology research labs are also equipped with projectors and screens for the student researchers to collaborate and share data.

new technology enhanced teaching space new technology enhanced teaching space
new technology enhanced teaching space new technology enhanced teaching space
new technology enhanced teaching space  

PAIS Auditorium
As a result of PAIS being built it allowed REALC, German and Linguistics to be relocated into the newly named Modern Languages Building (old Psychology). The AV was relocated from their previous locations into Modern Languages. One new registrar scheduled classroom was also able to be built in ML; it was constructed with repurposed AV smart classroom equipment from the closing of the CTC. The majority of the furniture was also repurposed from a classroom which was reassigned a year ago.

Woodruff Library WL773

Also during this year, the Woodruff Library 7th floor renovation was completed and a new smart classroom WL773 was added back to the registrar pool.

In addition to building new classrooms we also focused on maintenance of equipment. A total of 12 projectors were replaced in classrooms and Roomview was added in the departmental classrooms which were renovated. Deep Freeze software was installed on the computers to remotely shut-down the computers at night to save energy.

A few departmental rooms were able to receive funding which provided minimal upgrades:

  • Music, Burlington Road 114 - A new projected Smartboard was installed in Gary Motley’s music classroom. This allowed Gary to teach Jazz using interactive technology. It also allowed us to test at a new type of Smart installation that is less expensive than some of our current models.
  • Educational Studies, North Decatur Bldg room 251: received new paint, whiteboard, a ceiling projector and wall plate.
  • The Glenn Church School classrooms were permanently removed from the Registrar pool as they were no longer suitable teaching spaces for today’s learning needs

Summary of Registrar Rooms AV Levels
AV Level Quantity Percentage
1 (smart) 69 82%
2 0 0%
3 1 1%
4 10 12%
5 (no AV) 4 5%
84 100%


This year the Classroom Group not only modernized many classrooms but also implemented “Green” environmental processes into the College Classroom Design Guidelines document. We are committed to providing sustainable and healthy learning environments.

A total of 11 classrooms were renovated, upgraded or newly constructed this past year. In addition Woodruff Library 774 and 775 were taken off-line, to allow for the 7th floor to be renovated with new compact shelving. Although two classrooms were removed, only one new classroom will be rebuilt in spring 2009.

Callaway C203: The orientation of the room was switched, carpet installed, walls painted and audio visual equipment installed to bring this room to a level 1 smart room.

Callaway C203 - Before Callaway C203 - After
Callaway C203 - Before Callaway C203 - After

The newly constructed Few Residence Hall opened: Two new Registrar rooms (129 and 131) were created in conjunction with the construction of this new residence hall. The College funded the furniture and AV equipment. The spaces are Registrar scheduled Mon-Fri 8:00am-6:00pm, with the residence hall then using them at night, weekends and during the summer months. Both rooms seat 20 and are utilized mainly by freshman seminar classes. Our classroom group also assisted the project team with the design of the Multi-purpose room, Media Den and kitchen demonstration spaces.

Few Residence Hall Few Residence Hall

Tarbutton 105: This room had a very high request rate for portable AV equipment and was highly utilized. Therefore this room was upgraded with permanent AV Level 1, carpet and new paint.M

The Departmental classrooms received many upgrades this year. Many of the projects were funded dually by the department and college.

Biology – 1462 Clifton Room 109: Computer classroom was upgraded with financial cost sharing with the department. A dual Sympodium lectern was installed as well as new paint and carpet.

1462 Clifton Room 109 - Before 1462 Clifton Room 109 - After
1462 Clifton Room 109 - Before 1462 Clifton Room 109 - After

Economics -Rich 301: The AV install was antiquated and the electronic smart board on the wall did not work. We reused as many of the components as possible and installed a Smart Sympodium and whiteboards.

Anthropology - Anthro 108: This lab was equipped with fixed lab tables and no AV, thus not allowing for a flexible teaching environment. The fixed tables were removed and replaced with new movable tables and chairs, carpet installed and new paint. We were able to use some discarded table legs from a previous project combined with new work surfaces to reduce costs. A ceiling projector was installed to provide for some projection capabilities. The end result provided a flexible lab and classroom space for the dept.

Anthropology - Anthro 108 - Before Anthropology - Anthro 108 - After
Anthropology - Anthro 108 - Before Anthropology - Anthro 108 - After

Sociology - Tarbutton 206: This department desired to project images from a computer, use a document camera and DVD player and this room was not capable of meeting those requirements. With funds not available for a complete newly installed smart room, we attempted to provide a modified approach outside our normal standards. We’ll continue to assess the use of this room to determine if this compliment of AV can become a low cost solution to departmental classroom spaces.

Journalism - Callaway S108: The AV in the room needed upgrades as the teaching style had changed since the initial install years ago and the controls were failing. In addition, the carpet was replaced and room painted.

ILA - Callaway S423: This room had very large, heavy tables which were difficult for the office staff to reconfigure. The tables were replaced with the standard lightweight movable tables as well as the room was painted.

ILA - Callaway S423 - Before ILA - Callaway S423 - After
ILA - Callaway S423 - Before ILA - Callaway S423 - After

Physics - MSC N301: This fixed table, computer classroom was converted to a seminar style room with movable tables. Desktop computers were removed and replaced with laptops.

Physics - MSC N301 - Before Physics - MSC N301 - After
Physics - MSC N301 - Before Physics - MSC N301 - After

In addition to the renovations and upgrades projectors were replaced in 24 rooms to ensure the continuous availability of daily projection capabilities in teaching spaces.

Summary of Registrar Rooms AV Levels
AV Level Quantity Percentage
1 (smart) 59 72%
2 0 0%
3 2 2%
4 17 21%
5 (no AV) 4 5%
82 100%


Classroom C101We upgraded 5 rooms in Callaway Memorial to AV Level 1. Now each of the rooms in the South Hallway is AV Level 1, allowing greater flexibility to the registrar in scheduling. These rooms also received several cosmetic upgrades. One room, C101, was upgraded to a dual screen/dual Sympodium space that allows on-screen annotation by the instructor. It also received new carpet, paint, and a new lower-profile lectern.

Emerson 102 had its configuration changed in consultation with the Department of Chemistry in an attempt to encourage a more collaborative learning approach.  The standard seminar style tables were replaced with a series of moveable round tables and removable whiteboards were installed around the perimeter that the students could lift down to work and then place back for group discussion.

Upgrades were made to departmental rooms in English, the Office of Undergraduate Education, Religion, Comparative Literature, Educational Studies, and Biology. In addition to this work, we began the practice of adding Roomview to all newly upgraded departmental rooms. This software allows us to remotely administer and troubleshoot systems and also to monitor usage so that we can replace lamps before they fail. It is already installed in all Registrar rooms.

On the first floor of White Hall, We replaced all of the older, larger lecterns with standard lecterns. Also, all of the damaged markerboard material on this floor was replaced with a new product.

Summary of Registrar Rooms AV Levels
Level 1 59 72%
Level 2 0 0%
Level 3 2 2%
Level 4 17 21%
Level 5 4 5%


We upgraded a total of 9 registrar rooms in Bowden, Callaway, Tarbutton, White Hall and SAAC to AV Level 1. Now all College classrooms in White Hall are AV Level 1. The Anthropology 303 auditorium was upgraded to include dual screen projection and dual Sympodiums, allowing teachers to annotate what is being seen on the screens.

As of this summer, all Crestron equipped College classrooms are fitted with RoomView software that allows for remote management and support of the rooms. We upgraded 21 projectors across campus, removing older, less reliable pieces of equipment.

A number of physical changes were made to rooms as well. Chair rails were installed in Candler Library classrooms to reduce the damage the furniture was doing to the walls. Also, carpet was added to Callaway N109 and Tarbutton 106. Finally, we added small viewing windows in the doors of all Callaway registrar rooms to allow maintenance staff to see whether classes are going on before entering the space.

In departmental spaces, we upgraded classrooms for ILA, Educational Studies, Art History, Anthropology, and MESAS. The Biology department’s in 1462 Clifton Road were also fitted with upgraded AV and new computers. Of particular note, one English computer classroom was upgraded to AV Level 1 and fitted with new furniture, paint, carpet, boards and computers. The room also received a major HVAC upgrade to allow for the removal of some ceiling fans.

Summary of Registrar Rooms AV Levels
Level 1 55 67%
Level 2 0 0%
Level 3 6 7%
Level 4 17 21%
Level 5 4 5%


We have upgraded registrar classrooms in Carlos Hall, Callaway, and Emerson. In addition, we have renovated Tarbutton Hall to make better use of space, including creating a new 45-seat registar classroom with windows, a renovated computer classroom for Political Science and Sociology, and an updated data lab for the graduate students in these departments. We have also create five offices.

We have also proactively replaced projectors in Atwood, Emerson, Psychology, and Woodruff Library that have reached the four year mark. We have also moved forward with installing RoomView software that allow us to remotely control systems in 1462 Clifton, Anthropology, Atwood, Bowden, Callaway, Candler, North Decatur, Schwartz Center, Tarbutton, and Woodruff Library. As a result, staff are able to help customers without leaving their desks. We are also be able to remotely turn off systems, thus saving lamp hours.

In other projects, University Technology Services (UTS) is working with Residence Life to introduce presentation and collaboration tools into the residence halls, in particular Woodruff Hall, which will be the home of the Sophomore Year Experience in 2005-06.


During the summer 2004, we upgraded classrooms in 1462 Clifton, Bowden, Rich, the North Decatur Building, and Tarbutton.

Over the 2003-04 winter break, the College and University Technology Services (UTS) partnered to replace a failing presentation system in the Spanish department seminar room.

We also replaced data projectors in White Hall and other rooms that were four or more years older.


In the summer of 2003, the newly renovated Candler Library opened, containing six registrar scheduled rooms along with departmental teaching facilities. All of registrar rooms will be Level One classrooms with computer, document camera, VCR, DVD, and Emory cable TV, along with the Emory College Standard Crestron control system.

Also in 2003, the old lecture style room, Dental School 100, was divided into two smaller (30-40 seat) rooms with presentation technology. We also upgraded Anthropology 105 to a level one room.


During the summer of 2002 the Academic Infrastructure Team worked on a number of installations including upgrading existing facilities, adding new facilities to the general classroom pool, and enhancing departmental facilities.

Burlington 107 – A former lab of the Math/Computer Science department was renovated to become a classroom with Smart Podium including Macintosh computer, document camera, DVD player, multistandard VCR, Emory Cable TV, and a Emory College Standard Crestron control system. In addition, because the Music department would be a frequent user, we included a turntable and a Dolby surround sound system.

Callaway C101—The existing A/V system was modernized with a new computer, and DVD player. We replaced the older AMX control system with the Emory College Standard Crestron control system.

Callaway S108—The existing A/V system was modernized with a new projector, Macintosh computer, DVD player, and document camera. We replaced the older AMX control system with the Emory College Standard Crestron control system.

Geosciences 303—The existing A/V system was modernized with a new DVD player. We replaced the older AMX control system with the Emory College Standard Crestron control system.

Rich 103 –The existing A/V system was modernized with a new projector, DVD player, Macintosh computer, and Emory College Standard Crestron control system.

North Decatur Building 111, 112, 155 – Formerly dedicated Math/Computer Science classrooms, these three rooms will now be part of the Registar’s general classroom pool. They are outfitted with a Smart Podium including a computer, document camera, DVD, VCR, Emory Cable TV, and the Emory College Standard Crestron control system.

Tarbutton 120—The existing A/V system was modernized with a new projector, DVD player (replacing laser disk), and computer. We replaced the older AMX control system with the Emory College Standard Crestron control system.

Trimble 102—An Interactive Console was installed including a rear screen smartboard, Macintosh computer, document camera, multi-standard VCR, DVD player, Emory Cable TV, and the Emory College Standard Crestron control system.

Trimble 105—A ceiling-mounted data projector, Macintosh computer, and multistandard VCR was installed.

REALC seminar room -- An Interactive Console was installed including a rear screen smartboard, Macintosh computer, document camera, multi-standard VCR, DVD player, Emory Cable TV, and the Emory College Standard Crestron control system.

Mathematics and Science Center -- The new Mathematics and Science Center features both general College classrooms and departmental facilities. The six College classrooms have either a Smart Podium or desk housing a computer, document camera, DVD player, VCR, Emory Cable TV, and the Emory College Standard Crestron control system.


Woodruff Library 774, 775 -- The seminar rooms on the seventh floor of Woodruff Library received acoustic, aesthetic, and audio-visual improvements. Now, all six rooms in the Woodruff Library scheduled for College classes possess a modern sensibility and state-of-the-art technology.

White Hall 207 -- White Hall 207 received a new smart podium to bring it in line with rooms 205 and 206. In a trial effort, the podium was positioned off to one side rather than centered. If this design is popular, other podiums can be moved as well.

Language Center Lab and Collaborative Classroom –- When the fourth floor of the Center for Library and Information Resources (CLAIR) was finished out in 2001, it included space for the Emory College Language Center Lab and also a Collaborative Classroom. In surveys, language faculty had indicated that while a computer language lab was essential, they also were interested in non-traditional teaching spaces that were student centered. As a result, we designed a small classroom for about eighteen students with banquette seating and wireless laptops, as well as the by now standard smart podium. This room serves to complement the more traditional 30-station computer lab, which also has a smart presentation system for use in training.

Educational Studies – A seminar room used for training graduate students was outfitted with what would become our standard “Interactive Console” for small rooms. This console featured a rear-screen, touchable SmartBoard, a VCR, DVD player, Emory Cable, document camera, computer, and laptop hookup.


In the fall of 2000, the Emerson Building opened and provided three new seminar rooms for College classes. These rooms feature a "smart" credenza, just like our smart podiums but positioned off to one side at the front of the room. The credenzas house a document camera, VCR, cable tuner, and DVD player. They have laptop hookups.

Several renovation projects to improve classroom spaces were completed during the summer of 2000:

  • In the Rich Building, we converted an underutilized vending room into a new seminar room with storage for media services.
  • In the Woodruff Library, we made acoustic, aesthetic, and audio-visual upgrades to four classrooms in the stack tower that are scheduled for College use. Two of them are specifically designed for the teaching of languages.
  • In the Atwood Building, four classrooms (two smaller and two larger) received audio-visual upgrades. Acoustic and aesthetic improvements are scheduled for next summer.
  • In the Callaway Center, the French seminar room received new audio-visual equipment.
  • In the Burlington Road Building, the A/V equipment in the Performing Arts Studio was upgraded.
  • Several computer classrooms were upgraded with new CPUs and monitors.
    Also over the summer months, specific classrooms received a fresh coat of paint and carpet replacement.


In 1999, all of the classrooms in White Hall were aesthetically and acoustically improved. Fast new computers and functional "smart" podiums were added to seven of the rooms. From these podiums, a single touch-screen control panel will allow faculty to dim the lights, project the computer screen, and start the disc in the DVD player. Also in White Hall, a new seminar and meeting room was built and added to the College's pool of classrooms.

Other highlights include new computer classrooms in the Rich and Dental School buildings featuring robust computers and integrated, user-friendly audiovisual systems.

Teaching spaces were also improved in the Callaway Center, the Glenn Church School Building, Tarbutton Hall, and the Woodruff P.E. Center where upgrades included a new nutrition lab. Some of these projects involved taking rooms used for other purposes and dedicating them to undergraduate teaching.

Criteria for Classroom Renovations

  • In approaching renovations, the Classroom Planning Group attempts to:
  • Maximize use of space for undergraduate and graduate teaching.
  • Balance requirements for general use with specific needs.
  • Consider creative "adaptive re-use."
  • Create additional space--within, around, near College facilities.
  • Resist the conversion of classrooms into offices.

Cleaning and Maintenance

In addition to upgrades and renovations, the cleaning and maintenance of classroom facilities and equipment is crucial. Facilities Management has dedicated personnel to this endeavor and the College is working with them to address issues like clean boards and the migration of furniture between rooms. University Technology Services (UTS) is developing improved support mechanisms to help with the technology as well.

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