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ECAS Faculty Meeting Schedules

New Faculty Orientation and Luncheon Schedule

Fall 2019
Aug. 27, 20192:00 - 4:00pmConvocation Hall – Room 208

New Faculty Orientation

Speakers: Michael Elliott, Carla Freeman, Lisa Tedesco, Joanne Brzinski, Ron Calabrese, Bev Cox Clark, Elena Pesavento

Aug. 27, 20194:30 - 5:30pmThe New Student CenterConvocation
Sep. 24, 201911:30 - 1:00pmConvocation Hall (Small Conf. Room) Rm. 204

Office of Undergraduate Education

Leader: Joanne Brzinski

Oct. 22, 201911:30 - 1:00pmWhite Hall, Rm. 200

Center for Faculty Development and Excellence at Emory and Emory Faculty Staff Assistance Program

Leaders: Eric Weeks, Paula Gomes

Nov. 15, 201911:30 - 1:00pmConvocation Hall (Small Conf. Room) Rm. 204

Research and Grants

Leaders: Ron Calabrese, Kristin Anderson, Bev Clark, Kate Lawlor, Chryssi Laguines, Tiffany Worboy

Dec. 6, 201911:30 - 1:00pmWoodruff Library’s Rose Library (level 10)

Emory Library Resources, including the Rose Library

Leaders: Jennifer Gunter-King, Yolanda Cooper, Kim Braxton, Lisa Macklin

Spring 2020


March or April (TBD)11:00 - 1:30pm (Tentative Time)TBD

Oxford Trip

Leaders: Carla Freeman, Ken Anderson (Oxford)

Emory College Faculty Receptions

Fall 2019
Sep. 25, 20194:00pm - 6:00pmDouble Zero in Emory VillageReception Honoring New Faculty, Promoted Faculty, and Named Chairs
Spring 2020


April 22, 20204:00pm - 6:00pmCarlos Museum Ackerman Hall (3rd Floor)Reception Honoring Retiring Faculty

College Chairs & Directors Orientation Sessions


Fall 2019
Sep. 13, 20198:30 - 9:30amPsychology Rm. 250

Undergraduate Education Policies, Procedures, and Programs (Chairs, Directors, and Lead Staff)

Leader: Joanne Brzinski

Sep. 27, 20198:30 - 9:30amPsychology Rm. 225

Department Faculty and Staff Management (Chairs and Directors)

Leaders: Laura Papotto, Carla Freeman

Oct. 11, 20199:00 - 10:30amAtwood Chemistry Rm. 360

Business Operations Overview (Chairs, Directors, and Lead Staff)

Leaders: Carol King, Steve Kutzer, Bonnie Miller, Dwight Raby, Chryssi Laguines

Oct. 11, 201910:30 - 11:00amAtwood Chemistry Rm. 360

Strategic Allocation of Resources - Research and Travel (For Chairs and Directors who have Faculty)

Leaders: Carla Freeman, Carol King

Oct. 25, 20198:30 - 9:30amWhite Hall, Room 200

Department Culture, Climate, and Fostering Inclusivity (Chairs and Directors)

Leaders:  Carla Freeman, Maurice Middleton, Carol Henderson

Nov. 8, 20198:30 - 10:00amWhite Hall, Room 200

Lecture-Track, Tenure-Track, Promotion, Mentoring, and Retention (For Chairs and Directors who have Faculty)

Leaders: Carla Freeman, Susan Tamasi, and Valerie Loichot

Dec. 6, 20198:30 - 9:30amPsychology Rm. 225

Faculty Appointment Negotiations (NEW) (Chairs and Directors)

Leader: Carla Freeman

Spring 2020


Feb. 7, 20208:30 - 10:00amPsychology Rm. 250

Funding Opportunities and Grant Culture (Chairs, Directors, and Lead Staff)

Leaders: Tiffany Worboy, Ron Calabrese, Carla Freeman, Chryssi Laguines, Kate Lawlor

Chairs & Directors Regular Meetings

Fall 2019
Aug. 23, 20198:30-12:00pm210 Convocation HallDepartment Chair Meeting
Oct. 30, 20194:00-5:30pmCarlos Museum Ackerman Hall (3rd Floor)Department Chair Meeting
Dec. 9, 20194:00-5:30pmCarlos Museum Ackerman Hall (3rd Floor)Department Chair Meeting
Spring 2020
Jan. 13, 20204:00-5:30pmCarlos Museum Ackerman Hall (3rd Floor)Department Chair Meeting
Apr. 22, 20208:30-10:00amCarlos Museum Ackerman Hall (3rd Floor)Department Chair Meeting

General Faculty Meetings

Jan 10, 20208:30-10:00 amAtwood Chemistry, Rm. 215

Lecture-Track Faculty Meeting (Chairs, Directors, and their Lecture-Track Faculty)

Leaders: Carla Freeman, Susan Tamasi

Jan 24, 20208:30-10:30 amAtwood Chemistry, Rm. 360

Tenure, Promotion, and Mentoring (Chairs and their Tenured or Tenure-Track Faculty)

8:30 – 9:30am (Tenure-Track Faculty)

9:30 – 10:30am (Tenured Faculty interested in the Promotion Process)

Leaders: Carla Freeman, Valerie Loichot