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ECAS Faculty Meeting Schedules

Emory College Faculty Receptions

Fall 2017
Sept. 15, 20174:00pm - 6:00pmMath & Science Center LobbyDean Elliott introduces new faculty and recognizes newly promoted faculty
Oct. 26, 20175:30pm - 8:30pmThe Carter CenterFall Reception: honors faculty of ECAS, Oxford College, and Laney Graduate School
Spring 2018
Apr. 20, 20174:00pm - 6:00pmCarlos Museum Ackerman HallReception honoring retiring faculty

New Chairs & Directors Orientation

Lead Staff are encouraged to attend all sessions with their chairs/directors. The only exceptions are those sessions marked "Chairs Only."

Fall 2017
Aug. 18, 201712:00 - 2:30pmCarlos Museum Ackerman Hall

Role of the Chair and Director and Overview of College Administration

Leader: Michael Elliott

Sept. 1, 20179:00 - 11:30amWhite Hall 200

Managing Conflict (Chairs and Directors only)

Leader: Michael Sacks

Sept. 6, 20174:00-5:00pmWhite Hall 200

Undergraduate Education Policies, Procedures, and Programs

Leader: Joanne Brzinski

Sept. 20, 20174:00-5:00pmWhite Hall 200

Department Staff Management

Leader: Laura Papotto

Oct. 11, 20174:00-5:00pmRich Building Room 104

Business Operations Overview

Leaders: Carol King, Steve Kutzer, Bonnie Miller, Dwight Raby, Kady Weingart

Nov. 7, 2017



White Hall 200

Atwood 360

Tenure and Promotion Process (Chairs and their faculty who are being reviewed for tenure or promotion this year)

Leaders: Carla Freeman, Lynne Huffer

Spring 2018
Jan. 25, 20183:30–5:00pmWhite Hall room 200

Influence Without Authority

Leader:  Steve Walton

Feb. 1, 2018

Mar. 2, 2018



White Hall 200

Funding Opportunities and Grant Culture

Leaders: Ron Calabrese, Rhonda Davidson, Carla Freeman, Kady Weingart, Tiffany Worboy

Mar. 29, 20184:00-5:00pmWhite Hall 200

Evaluation and Merit Process for Faculty and Staff

Leaders: Carla Freeman, Laura Papotto

Chairs & Directors Retreats

Fall 2017 / Spring 2018


Chairs & Directors Regular Meetings

Fall 2017
Aug. 18, 201710:00am-12:00pmCarlos Museum Ackerman HallDepartment Chair Meeting
Sept. 1, 20179:00-11:30amWhite Hall 200Optional Workshop for Chairs - please RSVP to Susan Lee (
Sept. 27, 20174:00-5:30pmCarlos Museum Ackerman HallDepartment Chair and Program Director Meeting; Provost McBride to speak
Dec. 6, 20174:00-5:30pmCarlos Museum Ackerman HallDepartment Chair Meeting
Spring 2018
Jan. 16, 20184:00-5:30pmCarlos Museum Ackerman HallDepartment Chair Meeting
Feb. 7, 20184:00-5:30pmWhite Hall 208Emory College Faculty Meeting
Apr. 4, 20184:00-5:30pmWhite Hall 208President Sterk Meets with Emory College Faculty
Apr. 20, 20184:00-6:00pmCarlos Museum Ackerman HallReception Honoring Retiring Faculty; Department chairs honor faculty retirees