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Program Overview

Perhaps you’ve dreamed of building robots or eco-friendly and “earthquake proof” skyscrapers? Building cars and spacecraft that run on alternative fuels? Designing taller, faster roller coasters or developing artificial organs?

The Dual Degree program gives Emory undergraduates the opportunity to study in one of our liberal arts programs before continuing on to Georgia Tech to tackle these challenges and more. Students can complete a major in any subject offered by Emory College while completing the required pre-requisites for one of the programs offered through Georgia Tech.

The Dual Degree program is not an official major at Emory College. Rather it is an academic opportunity for undegraduate students, with an interest in Engineering, to pursue bachelors degrees at both Emory College and Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech).

The minimum amount of time to complete both degrees is 5 years; however, the length of the program could take longer depending on the student's academic interests and studies. The program is sequential and students will receive a degree from each institution upon completion.

Planning for this program is very important, as the academic requirements are intense and rigorous. Students should consult with the Dual Degree advisor to find out about the prerequisite courses needed for transfer (subject to change depending on the year student's apply to Georgia Tech) and the requirements needed to complete a degree with Emory College.

Transfer Application Timetable

Application AvailableJan 15 - Mar 1Jul 15 - Sep 1Dec 1 - Jan 15
Document Submission DeadlineApr 1Oct 1Feb 1
Course Requirement DeadlineJun 1Oct 1Feb 1
Decision NotificationMay 15 & Jun 15Nov 1Mar 1
Deposit DeadlineJul 15Dec 15Apr 1
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