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Program Advising & Requirements

During your first year, you should make an appointment with the Emory University dual degree advisor. The Emory advisor for dual degree students will help to develop a program that will enable you to complete both the general education and the pre-engineering requirements. The advisor will also work with you, and your major advisor, to ensure that you complete your major requirements before you apply to transfer to Georgia Tech.

Dual Degree Program Advisors

Cora MacBeth, PhD
Assistant Dean for Sciences
Rebecca Rego
Assistant Director
Angela Sudu
Academic Advisor


Students who intend to pursue the Dual Degree Program with Georgia Tech should complete the following steps:

  1. Choose an engineering major(s) approved by the Georgia Institute of Technology for the Dual Degree Program. Click here to see a list of programs available.

  2. Add yourself to the Dual Degree program mailing list.

  3. Complete your General Education Requirements (GERs) at Emory. (Emory will waive one Continuing Writing course.)

  4. Complete the pre-requisites for your engineering major(s). Click here to view the GA Pre-Requisite Matrix. [Review the current list of Emory-Georgia Tech Course Equivalencies.]

  5. Complete your major courses and a minimum of 100 credit hours at Emory.

  6. You must meet the GPA requirements for you engineering major (typically minimum GPA of 3.3).

  7. Apply to transfer to Georgia Tech, admission is assured if you meet all of the above Dual Degree Program Requirements.

  8. During your final semester at Georgia Tech, you need to apply to graduate from Emory College as well as Georgia Tech. Do not apply to graduate from Emory until your final semester at Georgia Tech. You will be awarded each degree, separately, at the end of the Program. You will apply to graduate from both universities, receive two diplomas and two degrees: one from Emory, and one from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Dual Degree Frequently Asked Questions

When do students interested in the Dual Degree program apply to Georgia Tech?

Students need to complete 100 academic credits and all GER, major, and pre-engineering courses before matriculating at Georgia Tech. Most students will apply to Georgia Tech in the spring of their junior year to begin at Tech the following fall.

Will I take classes at Emory and Georgia Tech at the same time?

No. Students will first finish their pre-engineering, GER, and major requirements at Emory and then transfer to Georgia Tech to complete their engineering major.

Can students finish requirements during their last semester at Emory when applying to Georgia Tech?

It is perfectly fine to be completing requirements during a student’s final semester at Emory if it is a fall or spring term. No more than two pre-engineering requirements should be in progress when a student is applying to Georgia Tech. Students finishing pre-engineering requirements over the summer will need to wait to apply to apply to Tech for the following spring.

Can students choose any Emory major?

Absolutely! We encourage students to choose the major that interests them the most. The beauty of the Dual Degree program is that students can study engineering and any major offered through Emory College. Previous Dual Degree students have majored in Music, English, Math, and many more!

Can I pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at the Goizueta Business School?

Yes. Students interested in the BBA program at Emory may spend their first 3-4 semesters in Emory College, continue to Goizueta to complete their BBA major, and then apply for admission to Georgia Tech. 

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