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Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like an orientation to the new equipment in my classroom. Whom should I contact?

UTS's Classroom Technologies Team at 404-727-6853. Classroom Technologies is located adjacent to the Cox Computing Center on the second floor of Cox Hall.

Are there plans for adding or improving other classrooms?

Yes, the Classroom Planning Group is charged with evaluating opportunities for additions and improvements. We are also looking at developing specialized teaching spaces geared toward languages, seminars, and laboratories. Contact us with your suggestions and comments by sending email to

May I bring my own laptop to class and have it projected?

Yes. Contact UTS's Classroom Technologies at 404-727-6853 to arrange for a data projector if there is not one already in the room.

I need more chalk and dry erase markers in the classroom.

Every effort is being made to keep all classrooms clean and stocked with supplies. However, in case you need more supplies, call the Facilities Management Custodial Office at 404-727-7468. This number is posted in each room.

Help! I'm in the middle of teaching my class and the equipment malfunctions.

Contact UTS's Classroom Technologies at 404-727-6853.

Help! My classroom is locked when I get there.

Contact Facilities Management Customer Service at 727-7463 for immediate access. You or your departmental support staff should also file a request with Facilities Management to ensure that your classroom is unlocked at the proper times throughout the semester.