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Joanne Brzinski, PhD Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Joanne Brzinski is the Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education in Emory College of Arts and Sciences. In this role, she oversees the staff involved in academic affairs and academic programs supported by Emory College. The Office for Undergraduate Education (OUE) has three primary roles:

  1. Academic records: OUE organizes student enrollment, tracks progress toward the degree and works with students taking an atypical path to the degree (e.g., students on probation, involved in transient study, or requesting exceptions to College rules).  We work with the faculty in the Curriculum and Educational Policy Committees to set the curriculum and evaluate its success.  We certify degrees when students are ready to graduate.
  2. Academic Support and Advising:  OUE is responsible for providing primary academic advising for all entering College students and specialized assistance for students seeking academic accommodations.  We maintain services to support student academic success through peer mentoring, tutoring, specialized advising (e.g., Pre-Health Advising or Scholarship advising), and intensive support from learning specialists.  We communicate regularly with faculty advisors in departments and programs about their advising roles.
  3. Academic Programs:  OUE includes offices supporting undergraduate research, the Emory Scholars program, National Scholarship programs, the College Honors program, academic honor societies, and peer leadership opportunities.  These programs encourage students toward academic excellence and achievement.

Dr. Brzinski completed her PhD at University of Michigan, focusing on elections and political parties in Europe.  She has been at Emory since September 1992, initially as an assistant professor in political science and in 1999, became an assistant dean in Emory College.  As an Assistant and then Associate Dean in OUE, she directed first year advising, worked with the National Scholarships and Fellowships Program and established the SIRE Undergraduate Research program.  She served as president of the National Association of Fellowships Advisors (2013-15). Dr. Brzinski has been in her current role since April 2008. 


  • PhD, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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