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Academic Coaching

EPASS offers coaching appointments with staff as well as peer coaches. Coaches work collaboratively with students to identify next steps, solutions, build academic skills, or resource opportunities. Our staff coaches typically work with students who are referred from faculty or other departments and those who need acute on-going intervention. Our student Academic Coaches are undergraduate peers who are trained to work with students on both an individual level and in larger workshop settings around various broad academic skills related topics.

Topic areas that may be covered in individual sessions or workshops can include:

  • communicating with faculty and TAs

  • improving time management

  • academic study skills

  • goal setting and problem solving

  • overcoming procrastination

  • academic stress/ test anxiety

  • referrals to a wide variety of campus resources

For Fall 2021, all coaching will be conducted online via Zoom.

Fall 2021 coaching and workshops begin Tuesday, September 7th. To view availability or schedule an appointment, log in to College Connect.

Peer Academic Coaching

Staff Academic Coaching

Questions About Academic Coaching?

Merideth Ray
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