Research Ambassadors

Emory Research Ambassadors support and promote outreach initiatives and the goals of Undergraduate Research Programs (URP). Research Ambassadors guide students on navigating research from identifying a faculty mentor to developing independent research proposals. They also support URP research related events such as the URP College Symposia and Research Networking Night. As an advocate for research, Ambassadors may:

  • Participate in a roundtable or panel discussion.
  • Lead a workshop on research.
  • Talk with students about research opportunities.
  • Visit a class.

Click here to meet the Current Research Ambassadors


Applications are open to students in all majors. Qualified applicants must have conducted two semesters OR one full summer of research to apply. 


  • Share your research skills with aspiring researchers.
  • Be involved in shaping Undergraduate Research Programs at Emory.

Application Materials

  1. Online Application Form
  2. Unofficial Transcript
    You may download a pdf of your unofficial transcript from OPUS.
  3. Curriculum Vitae
    Include a comprehensive review of your research experience.
  4. Recommendation Request Form
    Select a faculty mentor who will speak to your experience as a researcher and a student leader. The faculty member will automatically receive an email with instructions for completeing the recommendation.