Continuing Emory Student Scholarships

Emory College of Arts and Sciences provides an opportunity for current Emory freshmen and sophomores to join the Emory Scholars Program through the Dean’s Achievement-based (merit) Scholarship (DAS) process.   The program seeks to find individuals with outstanding academic success who are grounded in the Emory Scholar qualities of intellectual curiosity, creative thinking, servant leadership, communication skills, and commitment to community.
Dean's Achievement Scholars (DAS) are typically awarded a $10,000 merit-based tuition scholarship* for each of the selected student's remaining years in the College of Arts and Sciences.  Finalists for the Dean’s Achievement-based Scholarship are also considered for and may be awarded the Robert W. Woodruff Scholarship, which consists of full tuition, fees, and on campus room and board. Students who receive either type of DAS merit award become members of the Emory Scholars Program.  

Students who are already receiving other Emory merit-based awards, with the exception of the Liberal Arts Scholarship and Emory Opportunity Award, cannot receive additional financial assistance from this award.  For students who are receiving need-based financial aid, these awards will normally replace loan support in their financial aid package. 

*DAS Scholarships of $10,000/year include: Henry L. Bowden, M. Brown, Jeanne Gold, Pat H. Odom, Norman C. and Henry J. Miller, and Goodrich C. White awards.

Please check back in Spring 2018 for additional information regarding the 2017-18 Dean's Achievement Scholarship selection cycle.

2016 Dean's Achievement Scholars and Oxford Continuing Scholars

DAS and Oxford Continuing Scholars