Robert W. Woodruff Scholarships

Robert W. Woodruff and then Emory President Laney congratulate Woodruff Scholar Shef Rogers, 1981

The Robert W. Woodruff Scholarships, named for the renowned businessman and philanthropist who headed The Coca-Cola Company for many years and gave generously to Emory University, are the founding and signature scholarships of the Emory Scholars Program.  

Young men and women who demonstrate qualities of forceful and unselfish character, intellectual and personal vigor, outstanding academic achievement, impressive skills in communication, significant leadership and creativity in school or community, and clear potential for enriching the lives of their contemporaries at Emory University receive these scholarships.

The Robert W. Woodruff Scholarship is awarded each year and is renewable for up to a total of eight regular academic semesters (fall and spring) of undergraduate study at Emory College of Arts and Sciences. The scholarship includes full tuition, fees, and on-campus room and board.

Woodruff Scholars are a part of a larger community of Woodruff Scholars and Fellows which exist across all of the Colleges and Schools within Emory University.  Woodruff Scholars participate in events that bring together all campus Woodruff Scholars and Fellows for networking and community building.

The Emory Scholars Program provides students with much more than just a merit scholarship.  We invest in every Woodruff Scholar’s personal development through a set of programming and opportunities that complements the signature Robert W. Woodruff Scholarship.

Freshman Woodruffs

Woodruff Scholars, Class of 2018